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Vandalism, Theft And Graffiti   

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Procedure Governing Property Lost or Damaged by Acts of Vandalism

1. Liability of Students and Parents/Guardians

State law provides for the suspension or expulsion of any student who willfully cuts, defaces or otherwise damages real or personal property belonging to a school district, and holds the parent/guardian liable for such damages not exceeding the limit of the law.

2. Regulations for Reporting Property Damage or Loss

Cases of damage of school property by nonschool persons shall be reported immediately to the district business office.

Cases of serious nonaccidental loss or damage shall be reported to the district business office.

Every case of property damage or loss shall be reported upon occurrence or discovery and an Incident Report and Property Transfer Form completed and forwarded to the business office.

3. Regulation for Collection or Restitution

The assessment and collection of costs for lost or damaged instructional materials is the responsibility of the school principal. The principal/designee/business services notifies the parent/guardian of liability for property damage or loss by letter or other appropriate method.

If arrangements for payment have not been made after a reasonable time (15 days), contacts parent/guardian by telephone or letter and makes arrangements for restitution that may involve payment and/or student restitution (e.g., cleaning, sanding and refinishing defaced surfaces). Consideration may be given to the financial condition of the family; any reasonable payment plan approved by the principal is acceptable.

Remittances by check or money order shall be made payable to the district and mailed to the accounting department.

Notice to Parent/Guardian

Prior to withholding a student's grades, diploma or transcript, the school district shall notify the student's parent/guardian in writing of the student's alleged misconduct.

When the minor and parent/guardian are unable to pay for the damages (upon a showing by certification of the parent/guardian that he/she cannot reasonably afford the cost), the district shall provide a program of voluntary work for the minor. Upon completion of the work, the grades, diploma and transcripts of the student shall be released.


approved: August 25, 2009 Alameda, California