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Tobacco Use Prevention Education

Instruction for students in grades 4 through 8 shall address the following topics: (Health and Safety Code 104420)

1. Immediate and long-term undesirable physiologic, cosmetic and social consequences of tobacco use

2. Reasons that adolescents say they smoke or use tobacco

3. Peer norms and social influences that promote tobacco use

4. Refusal skills for resisting social influences that promote tobacco use

The district's program for grades 9 through 12 shall:

1. Target current smokers and students who are most at risk for beginning to use tobacco, including young women, low-achieving students, students from families whose members include tobacco users, and students who associate with peers who use tobacco

2. Offer or refer students to precessation readiness classes or cessation classes for current smokers

3. Utilize existing antismoking resources


Students who possess or use tobacco on school premises or at school-sponsored events shall be subject to the following disciplinary procedures:

1. First Offense

a. Student conference

b. Parent/guardian contact

2. Second Offense

a. Parent/guardian contact

b. One- to two-day suspension or detention alternative to suspension.

3. Third and Subsequent Offenses

a. One- to five-day suspension

b. Transfer

c. Disciplinary probation with behavioral contract

A behavioral contract is a written agreement between a student, parent/guardian and administrator, setting forth conditions that the student must meet during the probation period. Students under disciplinary probation shall either fulfill these conditions or be denied specified privileges until their behavior improves. Failure to comply with the agreement also may result in further disciplinary action.

Tobacco-Free Schools

Effective January 15, 1993, smoking and the use of all tobacco products is prohibited within any district building or facility, or in any district vehicle. In addition, smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited on school grounds.


This prohibition applies to all employees, students, visitors and other persons at any school or school-sponsored activity or athletic event. It applies to any meeting on any property owned, leased or rented by or from the district.


Possession or use of tobacco products, or any products containing tobacco or nicotine products (by students), including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, miniature cigars, clove cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew packets and betel are grounds for suspension. However, this section does not prohibit use or possession by a student of his/her own prescription products (AR 5144.1).

Community members who smoke on district property shall be informed of the district's tobacco-free schools policy and asked to refrain from smoking. If the person fails to comply within this request, the following actions may ensue:

1. The matter may be referred to the Superintendent or designee responsible for the area or the event.

2. If the person fails to refrain when so requested by the Superintendent or designee, the Superintendent or designee may direct him/her to leave school property.

3. If necessary, the Superintendent or designee may request local law enforcement assistance in removing the person from school premises.


The district shall maintain a list of clinics and community resources which may assist employees and students who wish to stop using tobacco products. Information about these programs shall be made available upon request and whenever an employee or student violates the district's policy.


The tobacco policy will be written in all student handbooks, which are given to every student.

Compiles of these policies and regulations are made available to the community at the yearly community health fair.

In addition, permanent tobacco-free signs have been prominently posted at the entrances of all school buildings.


approved: August 25, 2009 Alameda, California