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Administrative Staff Organization   

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Leadership Team

The leadership team positions in the district are designated by the Superintendent or designee.

Each employee holding a leadership position may be a member of the district's leadership team, which is established for the purposes of:

1. Improving the leadership function of the district by bringing to bear more effective research on district problems.

2. Pooling technical knowledge in the improvement of district services.

3. Establishing a coordinated program for evaluation of district operations and personnel.

4. Improving communications among all district personnel.

5. Providing better communications with the community and, where appropriate, students.

6. Increasing the commitment of district personnel to district services.

7. Providing refinement and delineation of district policies and regulations.

The leadership team is advisory to the Superintendent or designee, and through the Superintendent or designee, to the Board of Trustees.

In addition to the purposes enumerated, the leadership team may undertake such other activities and purposes as the Superintendent or designee may direct.

Personnel policies affecting leadership personnel, other than the Superintendent or designee, are found in the 4300 section of the Personnel Series of the policy manual.

Legal Reference:


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adopted: November 13, 1990 Lancaster, California