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Sale And Disposal Of Books, Equipment And Supplies (Personal Property)   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes its fiscal responsibility to maximize the use of district equipment, supplies, instructional materials, and other personal property while providing up-to-date resources that facilitate student learning and effective district operations. When the Board, upon recommendation of the Superintendent or designee, declares any district-owned personal property unusable, obsolete, or no longer needed, the Board shall determine the estimated value of the property and shall decide whether the property will be donated, sold, or otherwise disposed of as prescribed by law and administrative regulation.

(cf. 0440 - District Technology Plan)

(cf. 3512 - Equipment)

(cf. 6161.11 - Supplementary Instructional Materials)

(cf. 6163.1 - Library Media Centers)

The Board shall approve the price and terms of any sale or lease of personal property of the district.

If the Board members who are in attendance at a meeting unanimously agree that the property, whether one or more items, does not exceed $2,500 in value, the property may be sold without advertising for bids. (Education Code 17546)

(cf. 9323.2 - Actions by the Board)

If the Board members who are in attendance at a meeting unanimously find that the value of the property is insufficient to defray the costs of arranging a sale, the property may be donated to a charitable organization deemed appropriate by the Board or may be disposed of in the local public dump. (Education Code 17546)

Instructional materials shall be considered obsolete or unusable by the district if they have been replaced by more recent editions or new materials selected by the Board, are not aligned with the district's academic standards or course of study, and have no foreseeable value in other instructional areas. Such materials may be sold or donated if they continue to serve educational purposes that would benefit others outside the district. Instructional materials are not appropriate for sale or donation if they meet any of the following criteria:

1. Contain information rendered inaccurate or incomplete by new research or technologies.

2. Have been replaced by more recent versions or editions of the same material, and they are of no foreseeable value in other instructional areas.

3. Contain demeaning, stereotyping or patronizing references to any group of persons protected against discrimination by law or Board policy.

4. Have been inspected and discovered to be damaged beyond use or repair.

The Board may dispose of district property by any of the following methods:

1. The Board may advertise for bids and either sell the property to the highest responsible bidder or reject all bids. Timely notice for bids shall be posted or published as specified in Education Code 39520. Property for which no qualified bid has been received may be sold, without further advertising, by the Superintendent or designee. (Education Code 17546)

(cf. 3311 - Bids and Quotations)

2. The Board may authorize the sale of the property by public auction. (Education Code 17545)

3. Without advertisement for bids, the Board may sell or lease the property to agencies of federal, state or local government, to any other school district, or to any agency eligible under the federal surplus property law (40 U.S.C., Section 484(j)(3)). In such cases, the sale price shall equal the cost of the property plus estimated cost of purchasing, storing, and handling. (Education Code 17540)

4. Surplus or undistributed obsolete instructional materials may be donated or sold at a nominal price to organizations or individuals who will use them for educational purposes, as specified in Education Code 60510.

5. Surplus or undistributed obsolete instructional materials which are unusable or which cannot be distributed as specified in item 6 above may be:

a. Mutilated so as not to be salable and sold for scrap at the highest obtainable price,


b. Destroyed by any economical means at least 30 days after the Board has given notice to all persons who have requested such notice. (Education Code 60530)

(cf. 9323.2 - Actions by Board)

Money received from the sale of personal property shall be, at the Board's discretion, either deposited in the district reserve or general fund or credited to the fund from which the original purchase was made. (Education Code 17547)

At the end of any term, the Board may offer to sell textbooks and supplementary books to high school students at prices not exceeding their actual value. No student shall be required to purchase such books. Proceeds of the sales shall be placed in the county treasury to the credit of the district's general fund. (Education Code 60413)

(cf. 6161 - Equipment, Books, Materials)

Legal Reference:


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adopted: November 13, 1990 Lancaster, California

revised: September 6, 2017