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Antelope Valley Union HSD |  AR  4243.1  Personnel

Public Notice - Personnel Negotiations   

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Public Disclosure

The Superintendent or designee shall prepare a summary of the proposed agreement which shall be available to the public prior to the Board of Trustees entering into the agreement. The summary shall include, but may not necessarily be limited to:

1. Major provisions of the agreement that affect compensation, such as:

a. Percentage change in salaries;

b. Changes in health and welfare benefits;

c. Changes in health and welfare benefit dollar contributions by the district;

d. Changes in step and column or longevity provisions;

e. Changes in overtime, differential, callback and standby pay provisions;

f. Changes in staffing ratios;

g. One-time bonuses or off-the-schedule increases; and

h. Percentage change of total compensation for the average represented employee.

2. Other provisions that will result in increased costs to the district even if they do not involve an increase in employee compensation, such as class-size reduction or increased number of staff development days

3. Costs of the proposed agreement, for the current and subsequent fiscal years, categorized for salaries, benefits, other compensation and other non-compensation costs

4. Proposed source(s) of funding for the current and subsequent fiscal years including the assumptions used to determine available resources to meet the obligations of the proposed agreement

5. Other major provisions that do not directly affect the district's costs, such as grievance procedures

A copy of the summary shall be provided to the county office of education.

A copy of the Board's policy implementing the public notice requirements shall be available in the district office. (8 CCR 32900)


approved: January 16, 2002 Lancaster, California