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Leadership Positions   

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Management positions shall be defined as follows:

1. Leadership employees are those persons having significant responsibilities for formulating district policies or administering district policies and programs and who have been legally designated as leadership by the Board of Trustees.

2. Supervisory employees are those persons having the authority to make recommendations to the Superintendent or designee concerning the employees under their supervision. This authority shall extend to the following areas: hiring, transfer, suspension, layoff, recall, promotion, discharge, assignment, reward, discipline, direction, work assignment and discipline.

(cf. 2100 - Administrative Staff Organization)

Confidential Employees

A "Confidential Employee" is any employee who has access to or possesses information dealing with labor relations. Confidential employees shall be excluded from membership in an employee bargaining unit.

Senior Management of the Classified Service

The Board may adopt a resolution establishing or abolishing positions designated as senior management of the classified service.

Employees who have been designated as Senior Management are a part of the classified service and have the same rights, benefits and duties except the right to permanent status in these positions. If the Board determines a Senior Management employee is not to be reelected upon expiration of his/her term, the Board shall notify the employee, in writing, at least 45 days, or as otherwise provided for in a separate employment agreement, prior to the expiration of the term. If reelection or reemployment is not acted upon and the written notice above has not been given, he/she shall be deemed reelected for a term of the same length as the one completed and under the same terms and conditions and with the same compensation.

The Board of Trustees hereby establishes the classified leadership positions of Assistant Superintendent, Business Services (when the position is occupied by a noncertificated employee) and the Director of Maintenance and Operations as Senior Management of the classified service.

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adopted: November 13, 1990 Lancaster, California