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Antelope Valley Union HSD |  AR  5132  Students

Dress And Grooming   

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In cooperation with teachers, students and parents/guardians, the principal or designee shall establish school rules governing student dress and grooming which are consistent with law, Board of Trustees policy and administrative regulations. These school dress codes shall be regularly reviewed.

(cf. 0420 - School Plans/Site Councils)

Each school shall allow students to wear sun-protective clothing, including but not limited to hats, for outdoor use during the school day. Any hats worn must be appropriate for school wear in respect to school rules and particularly in respect to any gang-associated apparel as described in AR 5136. (Education Code 35183.5)

All students will wear an identification badge at all times during the school day. The badge is to be worn around the neck on a school-approved lanyard, or clipped to the front of a collar or chest pocket with a school-approved clip. The initial identification shall be provided by the school. Any lost identification will be replaced at the expense of the student.

In addition, the following standards shall apply to all regular school activities:

1. All students are required to wear appropriate footwear for school.

2. All shirts and tops must cover the midriff at all times.  The following are examples of clothing that is unacceptable:  tank tops, strapless, spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder, cut-out designs, low-cut shirts, bare-back, sheer or mesh clothing that does not have an appropriate blouse or shirt underneath, etc.

3. All pants and shorts must fit at the waist.  No sagging or low riding will be permitted. Clothing must cover undergarments when sitting, standing, or bending.

4. Hemlines and slits on dresses, skirts, and shorts above mid-thigh are not acceptable.

5. Only school hats are acceptable and must be worn with brim forward.

6. Clothing and hair accessories that are unsafe and/or dangerous are not permitted (for example, hair-picks and combs, studded belts, chains, spikes, handcuffs, safety pins, needles, etc.).

7. Clothing or jewelry that depicts any "gang-style" writing; illegal activity; sexually related or obscene gestures and material; tobacco; drugs; alcohol; or words, pictures, or phrases that depicts violence or intimidation may not be worn.

8. Any body piercing that presents a safety issue or major distraction will not be allowed.

9. Any clothing or styles of dress that may be construed to provoke fear, violence, or intimidation, including gang-related attire, is not acceptable.

Minimum Penalties for Dress Code Violations

Students who appear at school wearing inappropriate clothing or who are inappropriately groomed will not be allowed to attend class until they make the changes necessary to meet the district's dress and grooming requirements. Correction may include removing or changing the objectionable clothing items, removal from the normal class setting, or contacting parents to return home to obtain appropriate clothing.

First Offense:

Warning (documented)

Student conference with administrator

Second Offense:

Parent contact

Student assigned to the After-School Work or Saturday Work Program

Third Offense:

Suspension of one to three days (On-Campus Detention)

Parent contact for continued defiance of school rules

Fourth Offense:

Suspension of three to five days (Off-Campus)

Possible placement to alternative program for continued defiance of school rules

Fifth Offense:

Subsequent offense following alternative placement shall result in a five-day suspension and possible referral for expulsion.


approved: March 17, 2004 Lancaster, California

revised: May 3, 2006

revised: May 16, 2007