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Credits Toward Graduation   

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Credit for all courses successfully completed shall be counted only once for each such course in computing semester periods required for graduation. Credit for courses repeated to improve a grade shall be counted only once to meet graduation requirement. The highest grade will be used to calculate the GPA.

Credit shall be granted for the following programs:

1. Instruction by correspondence from an accredited institution.

2. Private instruction taken from a certificated instructor for subject areas commonly taught in the high schools of this district.

3. Attendance in licensed or accredited special schools.

4. Exploratory, general and vocational work experience programs.

5. Completion of courses taken in a community college.

6. Service and course work taken while a member of the Armed Forces.

Credit for Interdistrict Transfers

1. Students transferring to the district from another district may be granted full semester credit for courses in which they have a passing transfer grade from the previous school. This work must represent the equivalent of a semester's work and would be issued generally only if the student transfers to the district within the last 15 days of the semester.

a. Every attempt will be made to place students transferring from another school into the same or similar classes within the district. Students transferring during the semester may receive credit for similar classes with different titles at the discretion of the school principal based on the recommendation of the counselor and teacher.

b. Students cannot earn double credit for courses transferred and those in which they enroll at the district. Likewise, students will not have credit removed which they previously earned.

2. Students leaving the district before the end of the semester may be granted full semester credit for passing grades at the time of their withdrawal if so requested by the receiving school. Generally, such credit will only be issued if the student withdraws during the last 15 days of the semester.

Intraschool Transfers

1. In order for a student to receive five units of credit for a class title, they must be enrolled in that class title before the end of the third week of the semester and successfully complete the semester in that class. Exceptions to this policy will include level changes within a department (i.e., Algebra 1 to Pre-Algebra) or transfer to other programs such as Opportunity, Independent Study, Work Experience and ROP in which variable credit is issued.

a. For extenuating circumstances and on an exception only basis, principals may waive this requirement and allow students to receive credit in a new course title.

b. Variable credit/partial credit will be offered only in alternative programs such as Independent Study, Opportunity and Continuation School. Variable credit will also be used in the ROP program as appropriate. Variable credit will not be used for the normal day program at comprehensive high schools.

Withdrawal Grades

1. Students who transfer to the district from another district during the semester will be given consideration for their passing withdrawal grades. If received, teachers must consider those withdrawal grades with the work that the student has completed during their time within the district in computation of the final grade.

2. Students who leave the district after the first 15 days of the semester must be given withdrawal grades. Grades must reflect achievement as of the last day of the student's enrollment within the district.


adopted: November 13, 1990 Lancaster, California