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Emergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan   

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Release of Students

The following procedures shall be followed in releasing students in the event of an emergency or disaster:

1.The principal or designee shall receive authorization from the Superintendent or designee before releasing students.

2.Individual students shall not leave a school site without receiving permission from the principal or designee.

3.The principal or designee shall record the release of all students.

4. At the K-8 Sites: Parents/guardians (emergency card designee) will be contacted to pick up the student. No student will be released without an authorized adult accompaniment.

5. At the High School: Parents/guardians (emergency card designee) will be contacted before the release of a student. Students 18 years of age or older may be released on their own signature.

6.No student (Preschool-12), except for students 18 years of age or older, will be released/dismissed without a parent/guardian (emergency card designee) contact.

7. In absence of an emergency card or in an emergency in which reference to the emergency card is impossible, individual students shall be released, upon presentation of identification, to parents/guardians, persons authorized by the parents/guardians, or to authorized persons representing public agencies that may take responsibility, when necessary, for the safety of the student.

Role of Staff

School employees are considered disaster service workers and are subject to disaster service activities assigned to them. (Government Code 3100) School employees are expected to stay on their assignment until given permission to leave by their supervisor.

During an emergency, staff shall fulfill the following roles:

(cf. 4119.3/4219.3/4319.3 - Duties of Personnel)

1. The principal or designee shall assume overall control and supervision of activities at the school site during an emergency. He/she shall have authority to use discretionary judgment in emergency situations which do not permit execution of prearranged plans. The principal or designee shall:

a.Direct evacuation of buildings

b.Arrange for transfer of students when their safety is threatened

c. Inform the Superintendent or designee of all emergency actions taken as soon as possible

d.Schedule periodical fire drills and other disaster preparedness exercises and maintain appropriate records

e. Post directions for fire drills and civil defense drills in classrooms, multipurpose rooms, etc.

f.Establish how students will be released/dismissed

2. Teachers/Advisors (High School) shall be responsible for supervision of students in their charge. Teachers/Advisors shall:

a.Direct evacuation of students in their charge in accordance with the principal's instruction

b.Give the DROP command as necessary

c.Take attendance, stay with the students and provide supervision

d.Report missing students to the principal or designee

e.Send students in need of first aid to a person trained in first aid

3.Advisors (High School) shall:

a.Call each student's parent/guardian (emergency card designee) before releasing/dismissing a student

b.Speak to each parent/guardian (emergency card designee) before releasing/dismissing a student

c.Check off student when releasing/dismissing on roll sheet

4. Custodians are responsible for the use of emergency equipment, the handling of supplies and the use of available utilities. Custodians shall:

a.Survey and report damage to the principal

b.Direct rescue operations as required

c. Direct fire-fighting efforts until regular fire-fighting personnel take over

d.Control main shutoff valves for gas, water and electricity and ascertain that no hazard results from broken gas, water mains or fallen electrical lines

e.Disburse supplies and equipment as needed

5.The school secretary and secretarial staff shall:

a.Report a fire or disaster to the appropriate authorities

b.Answer telephones and monitor radio emergency broadcasts

c.Provide for the safety of essential school records and documents

d.Assist the principal as needed

e.Administer first aid

f.Supervise the administration of first aid

g.Organize first aid and medical supplies

6.The cafeteria manager shall:

a. Direct the use and preparation of the cafeteria stock and water supply whenever the feeding of students becomes necessary during a disaster.

7.The bus driver(s) shall:

a.Supervise students if a disaster occurs while they are on the bus

b.Issue the DROP command as necessary while students are on the bus

c.Transfer students to a new location when directed by the principal

d.Assist the custodian in damage control


version: May 4, 2005 San Juan Bautista, California