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Aromas-San Juan USD |  AR  3542.1  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Employee Use Of District-Owned Vehicle   

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Employees shall participate in the district's Safe Driver Program prior to authorization to use any vehicle for district business. The district reserves the right to refuse an employee authorization to operate a vehicle on district business.

District Driver Procedure

1.All employees who may be required to drive a district-owned vehicle while on district business shall be required to watch a safe driver film.

2. The employee shall submit to the Transportation Office the following:

a.Copy of California driver's license;

b.DMV H-6 printout.

3. The Transportation Office will conduct annual employee driver history inspections through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Each time a driver is convicted of a moving traffic law violation, the court notifies the Department of Motor Vehicles. A record of the conviction is placed in the driver's license file. Convictions are counted as follows:

a.When a traffic conviction shows that a person drives a motor vehicle unsafely on a highway, it counts as one point towards determination of a negligent driver.

b.Two points are charged if the driver is convicted of:

(1)Reckless driving

(2)Hitting an unattended vehicle without notifying the owner

(3)Causing property damage, injury, or death by hit-and-run driving

(4)Manslaughter involving a vehicle

(5) Causing injury or death with a vehicle while evading a peace officer

(6)Driving on the wrong side of a divided highway

(7)Speed contest or exhibition of speed

(8)Illegal transport of explosives

(9)Driving under the influence of liquor and/or any drug

c.An accident is normally counted as one point.

For district purposes, a driver is considered a negligent operator of a motor vehicle when the employee's driving record shows the following point count:

2 points in a 12-month period

3 points in a 24-month period

4 points in a 36-month period

4. The district reserves the right to refuse an employee authorization to operate a district vehicle if the individual is determined to be a negligent operator in accordance with No. 3 above or fails to maintain a valid California Class A, B or C driver's license.

5.The Transportation Office shall maintain a list of approve employees who are authorized to operate district vehicles.

6.A "district vehicle" is defined as "a motor vehicle owned by the district used for the purpose of moving or propelling any person or property upon a highway, and not to exceed more than 10 passengers including the driver, no matter what size the vehicle is." If more than 10 passengers are to be carried, they must be in a school bus or a student pupil activity bus as defined in the Vehicle Code.


approved: March 3, 2004 San Juan Bautista, California