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Vehicle Accident Procedure When Students Involved   

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Vehicle accidents involving students as passengers, whether or not there were serious injuries, tend to create unique claim-handling situations because of parent anxiety and news media involvement.

Procedure to Follow for Accidents During School Hours

1.The Transportation Department will contact the school, the Superintendent's office, and the California Highway Patrol.

2.If students are transported to the school, the Transportation Department will request that school staff meet the vehicle.

3. If the school staff cannot meet the vehicle, the driver will escort the students into the office.

4.The driver will complete a vehicle accident report form.

5.Students from the vehicle must not be left unattended.

6.The school, in conjunction with the Transportation Department, will notify the parent/guardian that their child has been involved in a vehicle accident, and, if applicable, that he/she has been transported to a medical facility for treatment.

7.The school will answer the question a to "what happened" with the following statement:

"The vehicle was in an accident, and the accident is still under investigation at this time."

8. The school may send home a note advising the parent/guardian that the school vehicle was involved in an accident.


approved: November 1, 2000 San Juan Bautista, California