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Mentor Teachers   

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To be eligible to serve as a mentor teacher, an experienced teacher shall: (Education Code 44561, 44562):

1.Have a professional clear credential allowing him/her to instruct at the grade level and in the subject matter to which the beginning teachers or interns whom the mentor teacher is assisting are assigned

(cf. 4112.2 - Certification)

(cf. 4112.21 - Interns)

(cf. 4112.22 - Staff Teaching Students of Limited English Proficiency)

(cf. 4112.23 - Special Education Staff)

(cf. 4131.1 - Beginning Teacher Support/Induction)

2. Have no less than seven years of recent experience instructing at one or more of the grade levels and in the subject matter to which the beginning teachers or interns whom the mentor teacher is assisting are assigned

4. Teach in a "staff priority school," defined as a school with an aggregate Academic Performance Index at or below the 30th percentile (deciles 1-3) relative to other public schools in the state in any of the five previous school years

5. Agree to provide assistance to at least one and not more than five interns or beginning teachers for a period of at least five years

(cf. 4113 - Assignment)

6. Meet the needs of the school and have demonstrated ability to foster student achievement and learning, as determined by the school principal

(cf. 4112.24 - Teacher Qualifications Under the No Child Left Behind Act)

(cf. 4115 - Evaluation/Supervision)

Selection of Mentor Teachers

The Superintendent or designee may establish a selection committee at each eligible school to nominate candidates for mentor teacher positions on the basis of program area, subject area, or other criteria and to verify that candidates fulfill the qualifications listed in the above section. A majority of the committee shall be classroom teachers selected by other classroom teachers.

A teacher seeking designation as a mentor shall submit his/her written application to the selection committee in accordance with the deadline established by the Superintendent or designee.

The selection committee shall interview mentor teacher candidates and observe them in the classroom. The principal shall determine whether the candidate meets the needs of the school in accordance with item #6 above.

A majority vote of the selection committee shall be necessary to recommend candidates to the Superintendent.


approved: March 7, 2007 San Juan Bautista, California