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Extracurricular And Cocurricular Activities   

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Extracurricular activities are those programs that have all of the following characteristics: (Education Code 35160.5)

1. The program is supervised or financed by the school district.

2. Students participating in the program represent the school district.

3. Students exercise some degree of freedom in the selection, planning or control of the program.

4. The program includes both preparation for performance and performance before an audience or spectators.

Extracurricular activities are not part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded, do not offer credit and do not take place during classroom time. (Education Code 35160.5)

Cocurricular activities are programs that may be associated with the curriculum in a regular classroom. (Education Code 35160.5)

An activity is not an extracurricular or cocurricular activity if either of the following conditions applies: (Education Code 35160.5)

1. It is a teacher-graded or required program or activity for a course which satisfies the entrance requirements for admission to the California State University or the University of California.

2. It is a program that has as its primary goal the improvement of academic or educational achievement of students.

Eligibility Requirements

The grade point average used to determine eligibility shall be based on grades of the last previous grading period (six times per year in high school) (4 times per year in elementary) during which the student attended class at least a majority of the time. (Education Code 35160.5) Elementary students who become ineligible at the quarter may become eligible at a mid-quarter grade check.

When a student becomes ineligible to participate in the upcoming school year, or when he/she is subject to probation, the principal or designee shall provide written notice to the student and his/her parents/guardians. The principal shall also consult with the student's teacher(s) in deciding on a program of remediation to improve the student's academic progress.

(cf. 6177 - Summer School)

(cf. 6179 - Supplemental Instruction)

(cf. 6164.5 - Student Study Teams)

(cf. 6176 - Weekend/Saturday Classes)


approved: July 20, 2011 San Juan Bautista, California