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Professional Growth Record.   

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(a) On a form provided by the Commission, a credential holder shall, under penalty of perjury, write a professional growth record, which shall accurately identify the professional growth activities that the credential holder has completed, and indicate the number of clock hours spent completing each activity.

(b) A credential holder who willfully signs and submits an inaccurate professional growth record which he or she knows to be false to a professional growth advisor or to the Commission shall be subject to the penalties for perjury and unprofessional conduct pursuant to Education Code Section 44421.

(c) A professional growth advisor may require a credential holder to provide reasonable verification that the elements of a professional growth record are accurate. Reasonable verification may include (but is not limited to) products of an activity; official records of attendance; copies of notes, minutes, or other records of meetings attended; materials distributed at classes, workshops, conferences or staff development programs; or other tangible records of activities. If an advisor has independent evidence or reason to believe a professional growth record is accurate, he or she may decide not to require the credential holder to verify its accuracy.

(d) A professional growth advisor shall sign a professional growth record that corresponds to a signed professional growth plan, and that complies with Education Code Section 44277 and this article.

(e) A professional growth plan and record shall not include any portion of an activity which occurred prior to the time the credential holder applied for the professional clear credential, or for the most recent renewal of the professional clear credential.

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(Amended by Register 86, No. 40.)