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Aromas-San Juan USD |  E  9150  Board Bylaws

Student Board Members   

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Duties of Student Board Member

The duties of the student Board member include the following:

1.To provide continuing input for Board deliberations.

2. To strengthen communications between the Board and district students.

3. To represent all students and facilitate the discussion of all sides of issues. This duty does not preclude the student Board member from stating his/her individual opinion.

Selection and Term

The student Board member must be in the 11th or 12th grade during the year of service as the student Board member and shall be elected by the students of the district based on the following procedures:

1. All candidates must attend a Board meeting and review an agenda packet prior to applying for the position of Student Board Member.

2. All candidates must complete an application. A copy of the application including the deadline for submission can be obtained from the District office and the Anzar High School office. The application can also be downloaded from the District's website at

3. All candidates who have completed the application by the submission deadline must participate in an informational meeting with District Board members and the Superintendent. The informational meeting will also be open to the public. During the meeting, board members may also ask questions of the candidates.

4. All candidates who complete Steps 1, 2, and 3 are eligible to be placed on the ballot as a candidate for "Student Board Member" during Associated Student Board (ASB) elections. The election for the Student Board Member will take place after ASB elections.

5.The Student Board Member may hold two ASB positions.

6. The Student Board Member shall be elected by a plurality of votes of high school students.

7.The term of office shall be July 1 - June 30.


If the position of Student Board Member becomes vacant before the end of the student candidate's term, the position shall be filled by the candidate listed on the ballot who received the second-highest number of votes during the election. If only one candidate was listed on the ballot, an interim Student Board Member shall be appointed by the principal. The interim Student Board Member will not hold any other position within student government. An election will be held as soon as possible to replace the student trustee position.

Board Materials/Information

The Board of Trustees office shall provide the student Board member with full and complete agendas and copies of any materials received by the Board except for those materials covered in closed session and any other confidential materials.


version: November 9, 2011 San Juan Bautista, California