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Aromas-San Juan USD |  BP  0420.5  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

School-Based Decision Making   

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The Board of Trustees desires to improve student learning by giving decision making opportunities to the people who are closest to the students. The Board shall adopt policies which support decision making appropriate to the site level and shall oversee district accountability for such policies.

Under the direction of the Board, school employees, parents/guardians, secondary students and community members may collaborate on matters such as program priorities and delivery, student behavior and discipline, student services and counseling, personnel selection and assignment, and the allocation of funds.

Under the leadership of the district and school administration, schools making significant changes in instructional practices or learning environment must have a broad-based consensus regarding their specific objectives, priorities, and methods for assessing student learning.

The Board desires to support staff decision making responsibilities with appropriate inservice training, to encourage creativity at school sites, and to evaluate staff performance in relation to school objectives. The Superintendent or designee shall help school decision teams establish planning processes, make efficient use of resources and staff, and develop new programs based on the needs, interests and resources at their individual schools.

The Superintendent or designee shall help school decision teams request changes or waivers from laws, Board policies, administrative regulations, and collective bargaining agreements.

(cf. 1220 - Citizen Advisory Committees)

(cf. 1431 - Waivers)

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of Board

35161 Delegation of Board authority

58900-58928 Demonstration of restructuring in public education


adopted: January 14, 2004 San Juan Bautista, California