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The administrator, designee or school security officer may direct an individual to leave school grounds if he/she has a reasonable basis for concluding that the person is committing an act that is likely to interfere with the peaceful conduct of school activities or that the person has entered the campus with the purpose of committing such an act. This shall not apply to students, members of the Board of Trustees or employees of the school, or others required by their employment to be on school grounds. (Penal Code 626.7)

(cf. 4158/4258/4358 - Employee Security)


1. Interference with the peaceful conduct of school activities is defined as any individual:

a.Disrupting or threatening to disrupt school/office operations and/or after-school programs/sporting events;

b.Threatening the health and safety of students or staff;

c.Willfully causing property damage;

d.Using loud and/or offensive language which could provoke a violent reaction; or

e.Entering school district property without authorization.

2. If any member of the public uses obscenities or speaks in a demanding, loud, insulting and/or demeaning manner, the administrator or employee to whom the remarks are directed will calmly and politely admonish the speaker to communicate civilly. If the abusing party does not take corrective action, the district employee will verbally notify the abusing party that the meeting, conference or telephone conversation is terminated, and, if the meeting or conference is on district premises, the offending person will be directed to leave promptly.

3.When an individual is directed to leave under such Paragraph 1 or 2 circumstances, the administrator or designee shall inform the person that he/she will be guilty of a misdemeanor in accordance with Education Code 44811 and Penal Codes 4155, 626.7 if he/she reenters any district facility within 30 days after being directed to leave, or within seven days if the person is a parent/guardian of a student attending that school.

4. If an individual refuses to leave upon request or returns before the applicable period of time, the administrator or designee shall notify law enforcement officials.

5. An Incident Report will be completed for the situation(s) as set forth in Paragraphs 1 and 2.

(cf. 5131.4 - Campus Disturbances)

(cf. 9323 - Meeting Conduct)

Sex Offenders/Drug Offenders

The administrator or designee may direct an identified sex offender or drug offender to leave school grounds. This does not apply to a student, parent/guardian of a student attending that school or an individual who has obtained prior written permission for entry from the administrator or designee.

Upon directing the individual to leave, the administrator or designee shall inform the person that he/she will be guilty of a crime if he/she reenters the school within seven days or otherwise establishes a pattern of unauthorized entry. (Penal Code 626.8, 626.85)

Possession of Unauthorized Dangerous Instruments

Possession of unauthorized dangerous instruments, weapons or devices is prohibited on school premises, on any public right-of-way immediately adjacent to school property, or any other place where a teacher(s) and student(s) are required to be for assigned school activities. (Penal Code 626.9, 626.10)

Safety and Security

The Superintendent or designee will ensure that school personnel is informed of how to deal with these situations if and when they occur.

When violence is directed toward an employee, or theft against the district or employees' property, employees shall promptly report the occurrence to their administrator or supervisor. The supervisor shall complete an Incident Report and report to law enforcement any attack, assault or threat made against them on school/district premises or at school district-sponsored activities.

The district shall cooperate with all agencies, such as law enforcement, or pursue legal action against a student, student's parent/guardian or other person who causes the administrator or designee to take any action(s) under Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.


When it is determined by staff that a member of the public is in the process of violating the provisions of this policy, an effort should be made by staff to provide a written copy of this policy, including applicable code provisions, at the time of occurrence. The employee will immediately notify his/her supervisor and provide a written report of the incident on the appropriate form.

Appeal Procedure

Any person who is asked to leave a public school building or grounds may appeal to the Superintendent or designee. This appeal shall be made no later than the second school day after the person has departed from the school building or grounds. The Superintendent or designee shall render his/her decision within 24 hours after the appeal is made, and this decision shall be binding. (Education Code 32211)

The decision of the Superintendent or designee may be appealed to the Board of Trustees. Such an appeal shall be made no later than the second school day after the Superintendent or designee has rendered his/her decision. The Board shall consider and decide the appeal at its next scheduled regular or adjourned regular public meeting. The Board's decision shall be final. (Education Code 32211)


approved: January 15, 2003 San Juan Bautista, California