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Early Primary Program   

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The Board of Trustees supports the findings of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Task Force on School Readiness recommending the establishment of an early primary program offering an extended-day kindergarten. (Education Code 8970(6,8))

The Board establishes an early primary program consisting of same-age students or any combination of state preschool or child development program, kindergarten, first, second, or third grade students, inclusive, who are provided integrated, experiential, and developmentally appropriate instruction. Various instructional strategies and authentic assessment practices shall be incorporated. Parent education and parent involvement shall be an integral part of the program. (Education Code 8971-8972)

Observations of a child over time and the use of district local assessment shall be the primary sources of information for making curricular decisions.

Within the early primary program, the kindergarten school day may exceed the four-hour maximum instructional day, exclusive of recesses, provided that the kindergarten school day does not exceed the length of the primary school day. Ample opportunities for active and quiet activities shall be provided. (Education Code 8973)

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8970-74 Early Primary Program

45024 Full-time employees

46111 Maximum kindergarten school day

46115 Intermissions and recesses

46118 Single session kindergarten classes

46201 Apportionment


adopted: June 8, 2005 San Juan Bautista, California