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Atascadero USD |  AR  1230  Community Relations

School-Connected Organizations   

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Requests for authorization as a school-connected organization shall contain:

1. The name of the organization

2. The date of application

3. Membership quotas or qualifications

4. The names, addresses and phone numbers of all officers

5. A brief description of the organization's purpose

6. A list of specific annual objectives

7. The name of the bank where the group's account will be located and the names of those authorized to withdraw funds

(cf. 1330 - Use of School Facilities)_

Authorizations shall be reviewed annually. The Superintendent may recommend that authorizations be revoked by the Board if considered necessary.

Any program, fund-raiser or other activity sponsored by parent/guardian clubs shall be authorized and conducted according to Board policy, administrative regulations and school rules. Announcements of events and related parent/guardian permission slips shall clearly indicate that the activity or event is sponsored by the parent/guardian organization, not by the school or district.

(cf. 3541.1 - Transportation for School-Related Trips)

Parent/guardian clubs shall not hire district employees without prior approval from the Superintendent or designee.


approved: November 2, 1999 Atascadero, California