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Atascadero USD |  AR  4331.6, 4131.6,4231.6  Personnel

Professional Development Program   

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District Development Plan

The Superintendent or designee shall prepare a District development plan which supports coordinated professional development for administrators, teachers, other certificated personnel and classified personnel, consistent with District development objectives. (Education Code 44671)

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4131.5 - Professional Growth)

(cf. 4231 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4331 - Staff Development)

Professional development activities for each category of school personnel shall be designed and implemented in consultation with staff representing that category. (Education Code 44671)

The District development plan shall: (Education Code 44671)

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive approach to staff development to ensure that each subject matter area specified in Education Code 51210 and 51220 receives staff development support, although different subject matter areas may be emphasized in different years

(cf. 6143 - Courses of Study)

2. Specify how services available through the statewide California Writing, Mathematics, and Science Projects shall be used to meet annual improvement objectives

3. Include a process for the phase-in of all schools that choose to create and implement school development plans

School Development Plans

1. Content of the School Development Plan

Each school participating in this program shall develop a three-year school development plan, updated annually, which includes school improvement objectives and staff development activities directly related to those objectives. (Education Code 44670.3, 44670.9)

School plans developed pursuant to other state or federal categorical programs shall be integrated into the school development plan so as to form one comprehensive improvement plan for the school. (Education Code 44670.5)

(cf. 0420 - School Plans/Site Councils)

(cf. 0420.1 - School-Based Program Coordination)

(cf. 0420.2 - School Improvement Program)

(cf. 0420.3 - School-Based Student Motivation and Maintenance Program)

School development plans shall describe: (Education Code 44670.9)

a. Specific subject matter areas to be addressed, in accordance with Education Code 44670.4

b. Professional development objectives and steps necessary to achieve them, including intended outcomes

c. How any staff development activities, regardless of funding source, are incorporated into the plan

d. How the school plan is articulated with the District development plan

e. A budget directly related to proposed school development activities that identifies, coordinates and makes efficient use of existing resources available to support the plan

f. Procedures for ongoing evaluation and modification of the school development activities, including evaluation of the long-term impact on student learning and on the professional growth of staff

2. School Improvement Objectives

The school development plan in each participating school shall include annual school improvement objectives developed with the involvement of classroom teachers selected by teachers, other staff including instructional and teaching aides, the principal, parents/guardians, and other community members. In secondary schools, this group shall include students and teachers representing each major academic subject area offered at the school. (Education Code 44670.4)

The objectives of the school development plan shall be designed to include but not be limited to the following: (Education Code 44670.3)

a. Improving instructional practices in each subject, strengthening subject matter knowledge, and improving support services based on a continuing examination of instruction and learning in the subject areas offered by the school. This examination shall include research, if any, based on classroom experience conducted by teachers in accordance with research standards and procedures generally accepted in higher education.

b. Ensuring that subject matter requirements, instructional strategies and instructional materials meet uniformly high academic standards and are responsive to the diversity of student learning needs and styles in a multicultural society, including underachieving students and students with exceptional abilities or needs.

c. Reviewing, selecting and learning to use curricula and instructional materials in a wide variety of subject areas, giving consideration to the state-recommended curriculum framework and model curriculum standards for each subject.

d. Addressing ways in which educational technology can support the instructional program.

(cf. 6162.7 - Use of Technology in Instruction)

e. Improving the school and classroom environments, including working relationships with parents/guardians and other community members.

f. Improving student attendance.

In addition, school improvement objectives shall consider the capacity of school personnel to provide the services required of them. (Education Code 44670.4)

3. Professional Development Program

The school development plan shall include the professional development of school staff necessary to meet the requirements of the plan. The plan shall also describe opportunities for parents/guardians to participate in the professional development program. All school staff and interested parents/guardians of students enrolled in the school shall have opportunities to participate in ongoing activities which reflect school improvement objectives. (Education Code 44670.5)

(cf. 5020 - Parent Rights and Responsibilities)

Professional development programs shall be designed and implemented under the direction of parents/guardians of students enrolled in the school, classroom teachers, the principal, one or more mentor teachers, and other school staff. Nonadministrative certificated staff, including but not be limited to counselors, librarians and nurses, may serve on the committee. Classroom teachers selected by teachers shall comprise the majority of this committee in designing professional development activities for instructional personnel. (Education Code 44670.5)

As appropriate, the committee shall consult with institutions of higher education, resource agencies or consortia established pursuant to Education Code 44680, or subject matter projects. (Education Code 44670.5)

Professional development programs shall: (Education Code 44670.5)

a. Allow for diverse activities, including but not limited to the study of theory and rationale, observation of demonstration lessons, practice opportunities for peer coaching, consultation and feedback in the classroom setting, and systematic observations of other classrooms or schools

b. Be conducted during time that is set aside for such activities throughout the year, including time on a continuing basis when participating staff are released from their regular duties

c. Be continually evaluated and modified by participating staff, in consultation with regional resource consortia personnel and subject matter project personnel as appropriate, based upon benefits to staff and students

d. Include the active, continuing participation of the principal and other administrators in one or more activities

e. Offer follow-up activities to help participating staff use newly acquired skills on the job

f. Promote the professional development of instructional aides and teacher aides, including activities that encourage them to pursue the education and training necessary to become classroom teachers

In addition, all activities in the professional development program shall meet the requirements for professional growth activities specified in Education Code 44277 for maintenance of valid credentials. (Education Code 44670.9)

4. Plan Approval

The Superintendent or designee shall develop and disseminate to all schools, criteria for approval of school development plans. (Education Code 44671)

The Board of Trustees shall approve or disapprove school plans consistent with the District approval criteria, the District development plan, State Board of Education regulations and other criteria adopted by the Board. (Education Code 44671)

In determining whether to approve a school development plan, the Board shall consider: (Education Code 44671.2)

a. The degree to which the objectives of the plan conform to objectives specified in law and in the District development plan

b. The extent to which a substantial percentage of school staff will participate in proposed professional development activities

c. The adequacy of procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of school development activities

d. The extent to which existing resources are identified, coordinated and used efficiently to support the school development plan

School development plans shall be subject to Board approval every two years. (Education Code 44670.9)

If a school plan is not approved, the Board shall communicate to the school its specific reasons for disapproval. (Education Code 44671)

School representatives shall have reasonable opportunities to discuss their school plans with the Board or its designated representatives. (Education Code 44671)

Upon request, the Superintendent or designee shall assist schools to plan, implement and evaluate school development plans. The Superintendent or designee also shall help schools identify, coordinate and make efficient use of existing resources to support school development plans. (Education Code 44671)


approved: May 2, 2000 Atascadero, California