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Health Care And Emergencies   

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Emergency Information

Parents/guardians shall furnish the schools with the current information specified below:

1. Home address and telephone number

2. Parent/guardian's business address and telephone number

3. Name, address and telephone number of a relative or friend who is authorized by the parent/guardian to care for the student in cases of emergency when the parent/guardian cannot be reached

4. Local physician to call in case of emergency

Under Education Code 49407, no school district shall be held liable for the reasonable treatment of a student without the consent of the parent/ guardian when the student requires medical treatment and the parent/guardian cannot be reached, unless a written objection to medical treatment has been filed with the school district.

Consent by Caregiver

Persons 18 years of age and older who file with the district a completed caregiver's authorization affidavit shall have the right to consent to or refuse school-related medical care for a district student. The caregiver's authorization shall be valid for one year after the date on which it is executed. The caregiver's decision shall be superseded by any contravening decision of the parent or other person having legal custody of the student, provided that this contravening decision does not jeopardize the student's life, health or safety. (Family Code 6550)

School-related medical care is medical care that is required by state or local governmental authority as a condition for school enrollment, including immunizations, physical examinations, and medical examinations conducted in schools for students. (Family Code 6550)

(cf. 5111.11 - Residency of Students with Caregiver)

Automated External Defibrillators

When an automated external defibrillator (AED) is placed in select school facilities, the principal/designee shall ensure that: (Health and Safety Code 1797.196)

1. Select school employees annually receive information that describes the proper use of an AED

2. Directions for use and manufacturer procedure is posted next to every AED

3. School employees are annually notified of the location of all AED units on select school grounds

The principal/designee will designate the trained employees who shall be available to respond to an emergency that may involve the use of an AED during the hours of classroom instruction or when a school-sponsored activity is occurring on school grounds. (Health and Safety Code 1797.196)

AED units will remain at the specified site at all times and will not be removed to accompany any group/groups of students or faculty that leaves the site either on a non-related or related event associated with the school district.


approved: October 5, 1999 Atascadero, California

revised: February 3, 2015