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Atascadero USD |  AR  6142.1  Instruction

Family Life Health Education   

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Course Material Instruction

As a portion of the health education program of the district, family life and maturation shall be a regular instruction component of the education program. Family life instruction, with emphasis on interdependence, growth and maturity, shall be taught to each grade level. Health education, with emphasis on biological functions, shall be taught.

Topics of instruction shall include menstrual cycle, reproduction and venereal disease. Instructional materials and course of study used in instructional materials and course of study used in the instruction of health education topics will be made available for parent/guardian preview prior to instruction in this area. Parents/guardians wishing their child to be withdrawn from such instruction must submit such request in writing annually.

The district shall provide HIV/AIDS prevention instruction to students at least once in junior high and once in high school, unless the parent/guardian requests that the pupil not attend this instruction. The instruction shall meet requirements of Education Code 51201.5

The district shall provide to family members appropriate factual information and training concerning HIV/AIDS.


The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that Family Life/Health Education materials and instruction are continuously evaluated in light of information received from students, parents/guardians, and teachers. Such information may indicate what students learned, whether the program was workable for the teachers, and how the program could be improved.

Parent/Guardian Notification

At the beginning of the school year, parents/guardians shall be notified in writing about any instruction in which human reproductive organs and their functions, processes, or sexually transmitted diseases are described, illustrated, or discussed. In addition, before any instruction on family life, human sexuality, AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases is given, the parent/guardian shall be provided with written notice explaining that the instruction will be given and information stating the parents/guardian's right to request a copy of Education Code 51201.5 and 51553. This notification shall inform parents/guardians that they may request in writing that their child not attend the class. No student shall attend such instruction if the school receives this request. (Education Code 48980, 51201.5, 51550, 51555)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

At the parent/guardian's request, any student may be excused from any part of family life/health education instruction. (Education Code 51240)

The Superintendent or designee shall keep on file Education Code 51201.5, 51553, 51554, 51555. (Education Code 51201.5, 51554, 51555)

At the beginning of the school year, or at the time of a student's enrollment, the Superintendent or designee shall notify parents/guardians of any outside organization or guest speaker brought into the district to provide instruction on family life, human sexuality, AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases. This notification shall include the date of the instruction, the name of the organization or affiliation of each guest speaker and information regarding the parent/guardian's right to request a copy of Education Code 51201.5 and 51553. (Education Code 51554)

(cf. 6142.2 - AIDS Prevention Instruction)

If arrangements for this instruction are made after the beginning of the school year, the parents/guardians shall be notified no fewer than 10, and no more than 15, days before the instruction is delivered. (Education Code 51554)

This notification is required whether the guest speakers are brought in by the district to lecture, distribute information, show a videotape, act out, conduct an activity involving student participation or provide audio material in either a classroom or assembly. (Education Code 51554)

Parents/guardians shall also be notified in the manner described above prior to any instruction on family life, human sexuality, AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases at an assembly conducted by a district employee. (Education Code 51554)

(cf. 6144 - Controversial Issues)

If notice is sent home with the students, parents/guardians shall be asked to sign and return to the school a slip indicating that they have read the notification. If slips are not returned, parental approval shall be confirmed by telephone.

During the period of time that instruction described above is being delivered, the district shall provide an alternative educational activity to those students whose parents/guardians have requested that they not receive the instruction. (Education Code 51554)

A student shall not be subject to disciplinary action, academic penalty or other sanction if the student's parent/guardian declines to permit the student to receive the instruction. (Education Code 51554)

All materials used for the above instruction shall be available for inspection by parents/guardians at reasonable times and places prior to the onset of instruction. The above notification shall inform parents/guardians of their right to inspect these materials. (Education Code 51550, 51820)

Materials to which parents/guardians object shall be reevaluated by the advisory committee.


approved: November 6, 2001 Atascadero, California