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Alternative Credits Toward Graduation   

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A semester period is one period of 40 to 60 minutes of instructional time per week throughout one semester of at least 17 weeks, or a minimum of 12 clock hours of instructional time provided during the academic year or in summer school. While the content to be covered is planned within these time frames, a student may be granted one semester period of credit even though the student spends less than the aforementioned amount of time in completing the necessary work. (5 CCR 1600)

Correspondence Instruction

Prior to registering for a correspondence course, the student or his/her parent/guardian shall obtain verification from the Superintendent or designee that the course is essentially equivalent to the high school curriculum and meets district graduation requirements. The number of semester credits assigned to the course shall be determined before the student begins coursework.

The district shall grant credit toward graduation for correspondence instruction if all of the following conditions are met: (Education Code 51740, 51741; 5 CCR 1633)

1. The correspondence instruction is provided by the University of California, or other university or college in California accredited for teacher training, in subjects included within or related to the student's course of study.

2. The student is, for good reason, unable to take the course of study offered in the school.

3. The Superintendent or designee determines the number of semester periods to be credited for successful completion of a particular correspondence course.

4. No more than 40 total semester periods of correspondence instruction are credited to a student towards graduation.


approved: November 18, 2008 Atascadero, California