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Atascadero USD |  AR  6146.12  Instruction

Early Graduation Senior High School   

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Atascadero High School

Before early graduation will be considered, candidates (students) must meet the following conditions:

1. A grade point average (GPA) for the ninth and tenth grades of not less than 2.50 on a 4.0 scale.

2. A letter to the Superintendent's Cabinet, signed by the candidate and his/her parents/guardians, stating the reasons for requesting early graduation and outlining the candidate's post-graduation plans.

3. The above described letter to be received by the Superintendent's Cabinet on or before the first day of March of the year prior to that of the requested graduation.

The Superintendent's Cabinet shall invite input from the following:

1. Candidate's counselor

2. Assistant Principal

3. Principal

4. Superintendent or designee

5. Designee from the Student Congress

The recommendation of the Superintendent's Cabinet for approval or disapproval of the request for early graduation shall be determined on an individual basis and predicated upon the following criteria:

1. Age of the candidate

2. Maturity of the candidate

3. Academic achievement

4. Ability of the candidate as measured by aptitude tests

5. Evaluation of the candidate as reported by teachers, counselors and others

6. An evaluation of the candidate's post-graduation plans

7. Other extenuating conditions which may apply in individual cases

The Superintendent's Cabinet may approve, deny or conditionally approve the application. Approval is on a provisional basis and each candidate must:

1. Meet state and district requirements for graduation

2. Maintain, after approval, a GPA of not less than 3.0 through the first quarter of the final semester

3. Meet all recommendations made by the Superintendent's Cabinet. Failure to do so will result in disapproval of the application

Continuation High School

Before early graduation will be considered, candidates (students) must meet the following conditions:

1. Fulfillment of all graduation requirements (260 units)

2. Passing of District Proficiency Examination

3. Approval of the Superintendent's Cabinet with the recommendation of continuation high school staff

4. Notification to the Superintendent's Cabinet in writing by the candidate at least one semester prior to the semester in which graduation is requested

5. Parental conference and signed release from parents/guardians indicating approval of early graduation

6. Beginning with the Class of 2004, students must have passed the High School Exit Exam.

Monitoring Graduation Eligibility

Counseling and administrative staff have the responsibility of ensuring that parents and students are informed of graduation status in sufficient time to allow for deficiencies to be made up or alternative measures utilized.

The counseling staff shall:

1. Identify students in potential jeopardy of not graduating and schedule them into required classes during the first semester of their senior year. Both students and parents/guardians will be counseled as to the consequences if a student does not maintain his/her eligibility. A parent conference shall be scheduled in September to review options or alternatives available for the student to complete his/her high school requirements, e.g., adult education, Cuesta Community College, or continuation high school.

2. Document all contracts with parents, especially with reference to eligibility and/or graduation requirements.

3. Monitor attendance and achievement of students identified as being in jeopardy of not graduating.

4. Schedule counseling sessions with parents of all students who lack class standing or who may be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

5. Alert the instructional staff prior to the fall and spring semesters of senior students in jeopardy of not graduating.

6. Prepare an annual report (in May) to the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees on the potential number of students who will not graduate and the steps taken to remedy their deficiencies.

The School administrative staff shall:

1. Hold a staff meeting with all instructors of senior students to review the final four weeks of school.

2. Require progress reports and conferences on all students in jeopardy of not graduating.

3. Require careful documentation of all contacts on eligibility and on progress towards graduation with parents of senior students.

4. Require teachers to directly contact parents of students in jeopardy of failing and not graduating in writing and on a timely basis.

5. Review annually with counseling and instructional staff their responsibility to communicate with parents/guardians on the academic and citizenship status of students through phone calls and progress reports.

6. Require coaches/club advisors to monitor student eligibility on a regular basis at the end of each grading period.

Continuation High School

The continuation high school admission committee shall be convened to hear requests for transfer from Atascadero High School to continuation high school on a timely basis to facilitate student progress toward graduating.


approved: May 2, 2002 Atascadero, California