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Retake Examinations - Senior Class   

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Each student has the responsibility for regularly attending class, participating in class, preparing all homework assignments and passing examinations as given. As members of the senior class, students are expected to recognize that their responsibilities are no less than in their first three years of high school. To reach the point of the semester when passing the class depends on passing the final examination with enough points to pass the class places undue pressure on the staff, yet the administration and the staff recognize that such a situation may arise.

To address this eventuality, seniors in jeopardy of not graduating unless they pass the final examination with sufficient points to pass the class who have:

1. maintained a regular attendance with no more than ten days of absence, regardless of reasons, during the period of the semester, and

2. completed their homework on a regular basis with no more than two missed assignments per quarter shall be provided with an opportunity to retake the final examination in the class.

The high school administration shall schedule seniors to take and complete the required final examinations in required subjects beginning in the Friday of the week prior to the end of the school year. The retake examination shall be scheduled no later than Tuesday of the last week of school. The retake examination shall be graded no later than Wednesday of that same week. Release time, as needed will be provided for the instructor to meet the timelines. Parents will be informed of the student's status and shall be requested to assist the student in preparing for the retake examination.

The retake examination shall be similar in scope to the original final examination. A student who successfully passes the retake examination with the number of points necessary to pass the class will be restored to full senior standing and allowed to participate in the graduation ceremonies.


approved: March 7, 2000 Atascadero, California