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Eighth Grade Promotion Standards Of Proficiency   

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Junior High Eighth Grade Promotion Requirements

During two years of attendance at the junior high school, students are required to take twenty-eight semester classes for a total of 140 units. Five credits are earned each semester for each class passed. Special education students must meet the requirements of the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

In order to receive a certificate of promotion, students must earn 120 units by passing at least twenty-four of the classes in the subject areas listed below:

English 20 credits

Literature 10 credits

Mathematics 20 credits

Physical Education 20 credits

Science 20 credits

Social Studies 20 credits

Electives 30 credits

In addition, in order to receive a certificate of promotion, a student may not have more than one semester failure in each subject area for the two year period. Failures may be made up in summer school.

Standards of Proficiency

Student progress towards proficiency in basic skills shall be assessed in English at least once during grades four through six and at least once during grades seven through eight.

A separate assessment shall be made of the student's proficiency in each skill area, and a separate score given in each skill area. (Education Code 51218)

The Superintendent or designee shall provide remedial instruction for any student who does not show adequate progress toward mastery of basic skills. This instruction may be provided in summer school and shall continue until the student has been given numerous chances to achieve mastery. (Education Code 51216)

When a student does not meet the district's prescribed standards of proficiency in basic skills, the principal or designee also may arrange a conference in which the student, the parent/guardian and a certificated employee familiar with the student's progress discuss the assessment results and steps to be taken to assist him/her toward the mastery of basic skills. (Education Code 51216)


approved: May 2, 2002 Atascadero, California