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Recourse Available for Unacceptable/Disruptive Behavior by District Employees or


Any parent/guardian or member of the public who is subjected to unacceptable communication and/or conduct from any district employee, as described in the civility policy, may complete a Complaint Against Staff pursuant to the district's policy, BP 1312.

Recourse Available for Unacceptable/Disruptive Behavior by Parents/Guardians and

Other Members of the Public

The following are examples of ways by which district employees and school administrators, depending on the circumstances presented, and at their discretion, may resolve situations involving parents/guardians and other members of the public who violate the civility policy.

1. Provision of Civility Policy:

The district employee may provide to the offending person a written copy of this policy at the time of the occurrence.

2. Request to Cease and Desist Behavior:

District employees may request any parent/guardian or other members of the public who engages in unacceptable and/or disruptive conduct, as described above, to immediately cease his/her conduct and to act and speak civilly, or may report such person and conduct to the appropriate site administrator.

3. Termination of Activity:

If the offending person does not cease his/her inappropriate conduct and/or communication after being requested to do so, the district employee or the appropriate site administrator may verbally notify the offending person that the meeting, conference, telephone conversation, or any other activity being engaged in at the time is terminated. The district employee or site administrator may terminate contact with the offending person. The district employee or site administrator and the offending person may continue to communicate in writing, if appropriate, regarding the subject matter of the conference, telephone conversation, or other activity that was terminated.

4. Request to Leave School Grounds/Report to Law Enforcement:

If the meeting, conference, or other conduct is on district premises, or interferes with, or is disruptive of school or school activities, the appropriate site administrators or their designees may issue a formal warning, notify the offending person to promptly leave the school grounds and not return pursuant to Education Code 33210, 33211, 44810, 44811 and Penal Code 616.7, 626.8 and 653. The forms of the notification and warnings are attached hereto.

The form entitled "Warning and Directive" is to be used when the principal chooses to base their decision to direct the individual off of the school campus upon Education Code 32211 or Penal Code 616.7, 626.8, or 653g. This form will be used before the corresponding appropriate "Notice" is used for violations of these sections.

If the individual is an adult parent/guardian of a student on that school site, the form entitled, "Notice to Adult Parent/Guardian" should be utilized. If Penal Code 626.7 or 653g is checked, the "Warning and Directive" form must have been already given to the individual before this notice is used.

If the individual is not a parent/guardian of a student on that particular school site, and is either a parent/guardian of a student on another school site or an adult non-parent/guardian, the form "Notice to Adult Non-Parent/Guardian" should be utilized. If Education Code 32211, or Penal Code 626.7, 626.8, or 653g are marked, this form cannot be used until the "Warning and Directive" form is first given to the individual.

5. Handling Violence, Threat, Battery or Other Illegal Action:

When violence, threat, assault, battery or other illegal action is directed against a district employee, district employees may (1) report the occurrence to their principal or supervisor, (2) complete an Incident Report, (3) use the attached forms, and/or (4) report the incident to law enforcement officials.


approved: January 16, 2003 Atascadero, California