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Atascadero USD |  AR  6162.52  Instruction

High School Exit Examination   

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Each student in grade 10 shall take the high school exit examination (hereinafter the "exam") only at the spring administration and may take the exam at each subsequent administration, until each section of the exam has been passed. (Education Code 60851; 5 CCR 1204)

The Superintendent or designee shall administer the exam in each high school in the district on the dates designated by the Superintendent of Public Instruction as exam days or make-up days. (Education Code 60851)

School personnel at the test site shall be responsible for the accurate identification of eligible students who are to be administered the exam. This identification shall be made through the use of photo identification, positive recognition by the test administrator, or some equivalent means of identification. (5 CCR 1203)

All students may have additional time to complete the exam, within the limits imposed by test security. (5 CCR 1211, 1215)

Any student found to have cheated, assisted others in cheating, or compromised the security of the exam shall have his/her test marked "invalid" and not receive a score from that test administration. (5 CCR 1220)

(cf. 5131.9 - Academic Honesty)

(cf. 6162.54 - Test Integrity/Test Preparation)

District and Test Site Coordinators

On or before July 1 of each school year, the Superintendent shall designate an exam coordinator from among district employees and shall notify the publisher of the identity and contact information of the coordinator. The district coordinator, or Superintendent or designee, shall be available throughout the year and shall serve as the liaison between the district and the California Department of Education for all matters related to the exam. (5 CCR 1209)

Annually, the Superintendent shall designate a test site coordinator for each test site, including but not limited to each charter school, court school and school or program operated by the district, from among district employees. (5 CCR 1210)

Test site coordinators shall ensure that strict supervision is maintained over each student taking the exam, both while the student is in the room in which the test is being administered and during any period the student is granted a break from testing. Access to exam materials is limited to students taking the exam for the purpose of graduating and employees of the district directly responsible for test administration. (5 CCR 1211)


The Superintendent or designee shall maintain a record of all students who participate in each test cycle of the exam. This record shall include the following information for the English/language arts section and the mathematics section for each test cycle: (5 CCR 1205)

1. The date on which each section of the exam was offered

2. The names of each student who took each section of the exam

3. The grade level of each student who took each section of the exam

4. Whether each student passed or did not pass the section or sections of the exam taken

(cf. 3580 - District Records)

The Superintendent or designee shall maintain the following information in each student's permanent record and shall ensure that the information is entered prior to the subsequent test cycle: (5 CCR 1206)

1. The date on which the student took each section of the exam

2. Whether the student passed or did not pass each section of the exam

(cf. 5125 - Student Records)


At the beginning of each school year, the Board of Trustees shall provide written notification to all students in grades 9 through 12 and to their parents/guardians that, starting in the 2003-04 school year and each year thereafter, each student completing the 12th grade shall be required to successfully pass the exam as a condition of graduation. Such notification shall also be provided to a student who transfers into the district after the beginning of the school year at the time of the student's transfer. The notification shall include, at a minimum, the date of the exam, the requirements for passing the exam, and the consequences of not passing the exam. The Superintendent or designee shall maintain documentation that the parent/guardian of each student has received this written notification. (Education Code 48980, 60850; 5 CCR 1208)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

(cf. 6146.1 - High School Graduation Requirements)

Prior to each administration of the exam, the Superintendent or designee shall notify each eligible student of the provisions of 5 CCR 1220 relative to cheating. (5 CCR 1220)

The principal or designee shall notify parents/guardians of students with a disability about the criteria and process for applying for a waiver of the requirement to successfully pass the exit exam.


approved: February 26, 2003 Atascadero, California