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Use Of Cell Phones   

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The Atascadero Unified School District (AUSD) is pleased to present you with this cell phone. It represents our confidence in you and your empowerment as a responsible employee.

Your signature below is verification that you have read the Board Policy for the Use of Cell Phones and agree to comply with it as well as the responsibilities listed below. This form also acknowledges that you have received the cell phone.

1. I understand the cell phone plan is for district use only.

2. I will limit my cell phone usage. Whenever possible, calls will be made on a conventional land telephone.

3. If the cell phone is lost or stolen, I will immediately notify the district's Technology Services Department.

4. I agree to surrender the cell phone immediately upon termination of employment, whether for retirement, voluntary or involuntary and pay any outstanding personal usage charges when due.

5. I understand the cell phone is issued in the district's name with my name/position listed as part of the network. I am considered responsible for any and all calls against the cell phone.

6. All charges will be billed to and paid by AUSD.

7. I understand that school district cell phones shall not be used for personal calls, except in the event of personal necessity.

8. I understand that cell phones are not provided to all employees. My cell phone may be revoked based on change of assignment or location. I understand that the cell phone is not an entitlement nor reflective of title or position.

9. I have received and understand this Cell Phone Acceptable Use Agreement provided for cell phone usage.

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version: June 05, 2007 Atascadero, California

revised: February 7, 2012