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Reporting Requirements   

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(a) Each applicant school district shall describe in its application to the state, the accountability procedures to be used in lieu of attendance records. The accountability procedures shall describe the source documentation which may include, but need not be limited to records of student enrollment, student-teacher contacts, student progress, and value-added student growth as verified through assessment.

(b) School districts participating in the adult education innovation and alternative instructional delivery program, by December 1 following the end of each school year, shall provide to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction an auditable fiscal report, a report of student participation, and a program evaluation report.

(1) The annual fiscal report shall include all allowable expenditures of the adult education innovation and alternative instructional delivery program as determined in Section 10600 of this article.

(2) Student participation reports shall include data converted to conform to the average student rate for successfully completing similar, traditional courses. Students who do not complete an entire course will qualify for partial participation credit based on the percentage of work completed as verified by post testing or completed student course work.

(3) The evaluation report shall include the requirements specified in Section 10615 of this article.

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