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Media Relations   

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The Board of Trustees respects the public's right to information and recognizes that the media significantly influences the public's understanding of school issues and can greatly assist the District in informing the community about school programs and issues. Media representatives are welcome at all Board meetings and shall receive meeting announcements and agendas upon request.

(cf. 9320 - Meetings and Notices)

The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall develop a plan for proactive communications with the media. The Superintendent/Principal or designee of each school may provide the media with information related to district programs and needs, student awards, school accomplishments and events of special interest. All media inquiries shall be routed to the Superintendent/Principal or designee or designee. Spokespersons designated to speak to the media on behalf of the District include the Board president, Superintendent or their designee. Other Board members and staff may be asked by the Superintendent/Principal or designee to speak to the media on a case-by-case basis, depending on their expertise on an issue and their communications skills. The District shall not release information which is private or confidential as identified by law and Board policy or administrative regulation.

(cf. 0510 - School Accountability Report Card)

(cf. 1100 - Communication with the Public)

(cf. 1160 - Political Processes)

(cf. 1340 - Access to District Records)

(cf. 4119.23 - Unauthorized Release of Confidential/Privileged Information)

(cf. 5125 - Student Records)

(cf. 5125.1 - Release of Directory Information)

(cf. 9010 - Public Statements)

During a disturbance or crisis situation, the first priority of school staff is to address the situation. Media inquiries shall be routed to the Superintendent/Principal or designee, who shall make an official statement at his/her discretion.

(cf. 0450 - Comprehensive Safety Plan)

(cf. 3516 - Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan)

(cf. 1250 - Visitors/Outsiders)

(cf. 3515.2 - Disruptions)

The District shall not impose restraints on students' right to speak freely with media representatives at times which do not disrupt the educational program. At their discretion, parents/guardians may instruct their children not to communicate with media representatives.

(cf. 5145.2 - Freedom of Speech/Expression: Publications Code)

Legal Reference:


32210 Willful disturbance of public school or meeting

32211 Threatened disruption or interference with classes

32212 Classroom interruptions

35144 Special meetings

35145 Public meetings

35145.5 Agenda; public participation

35146 Closed sessions

35160 Authority of governing boards

35172 Promotional activities


627-627.10 Access to school premises


95 Ops.Cal.Atty.Gen. 509 (1996)


adopted: November 2, 1999 Atascadero, California