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Grades/Evaluation Of Student Achievement   

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The Board of Trustees believes that grades serve a valuable instructional purpose by helping students and parents/guardians identify the student's areas of strength and those areas needing improvement. Parents/ guardians and students have the right to receive course grades that represent an accurate evaluation of the student's achievement.

(cf. 6146.4 - Differential Graduation and Competency Standards for Individuals with Exceptional Needs)

Teachers shall evaluate a student's work in relation to standards which apply to all students at his/her grade level, not in relation to the work of other students in one particular class. The Superintendent or designee shall establish and regularly evaluate a uniform grading system, and principals shall ensure that student grades conform to this system. Teachers shall inform students and parents/guardians how student achievement will be evaluated in the classroom.

Grades should be based on impartial, consistent observation of the quality of the student's work and his/her mastery of course content and objectives. Students shall have the opportunity to demonstrate this mastery through a variety of channels such as classroom participation, homework, tests and portfolios. The Board recognizes that portfolios may be especially useful in assessing how skills, knowledge and thought processes have been combined from a number of different subject areas.

(cf. 6030 - Integrated Academic and Vocational Instruction)

When reporting student grades to parents/guardians, teachers may add narrative descriptions, observational notes and/or samples of classroom work in order to better describe student progress in specific skills and subcategories of achievement.

Behavior, effort and attendance shall be reported in separate evaluations, not in the student's academic grade.

(cf. 5113 - Absences and Excuses)

(cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention)

(cf. 5124 - Communication with Parents/Guardians)

(cf. 5125.3 - Challenging Student Records)

(cf. 6154 - Homework/Make-up Work)

Absences Due to Truancy or Suspension

When a student misses due to a truancy or suspension the student's grade may be negatively affected and subsequently lowered by receiving no credit for those assignments and tests missed.

Evaluations/Reports to Parents

Evaluations are to written or conferences shall be held as conditions warrant:

1. Written reports shall be made at the end of each quarter.

2. If a student is deemed failing, a conference and a written report to the parent shall be made whenever it becomes evident to the teacher that a student is in jeopardy of failing a course. If a progress report is not sent home to the respective parent/guardian, the student may not receive a failing grade in that class.

3. Absences from class or class-related activities due to a student's participation in a school sanctioned extra-curricular activity shall not penalize the student's grade if:

a. The absence could not be avoided due to scheduling conflicts.

b. The instructor in charge of the event to be missed is notified one week in advance by the student involved.

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adopted: October 5, 1999 Atascadero, California

revised: September 5, 2006