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Atascadero USD |  AR  5145.12  Students

Search And Seizure   

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Individual Searches

In determining whether reasonable suspicion exists, school officials shall consider:

1. The student's age and previous behavior patterns

2. The prevalence and seriousness in the school of the problem to which the search was directed

3. The urgency requiring the search without delay

4. The substantive value and reliability of the information used as a justification for the search

5. The location of the student at the time of the incident which gave rise to reasonable suspicion

Searches shall be made in the presence of a least one other District employee. Employees will not conduct strip searches or body cavity searches.

Random Search for Weapons

Upon enrollment and at the beginning of each school year, students and parents/guardians shall receive notice that the District uses random metal detector scans as part of its program to promote safety and deter the presence of weapons. Signs shall be posted at all schools to explain that anyone may be scanned by metal detector for guns, knives or other illegal weapons when on campus or attending athletic or extracurricular events.

The following procedures shall be followed when making metal detector scans:

1. Before walk-through, students shall be asked to empty their pockets of metal objects.

2. After an initial activation occurs, students shall be asked to walk through a second time.

3. If a second activation occurs, a hand-held metal detector will be used.

4. If the activation is not eliminated or explained, staff shall escort the student to a private area.

5. In the private area, an expanded search shall be conducted by a staff member of the same sex as the student.

6. The search shall be limited to the detection of weapons.

Use of Trained Dogs

Dogs shall not be used in rooms occupied by persons except for demonstration purposes, with the handler present. When used for demonstration purposes, the dog may not sniff the person of any individual and shall be well separated from the audience.

Only the dog's official handler will determine what constitutes an alert by the dog. If the dog alerts on a particular item or place, the student having the use of that place or responsibility for it shall be called to witness the search. If a dog alerts on a locked vehicle, the student who brought it onto District property shall be asked to unlock it for inspection.

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)


Approved: October 5, 1999 Atascadero, California