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At-Risk Students   

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Cautionary Notice: As added and amended by SBX3 4 (Ch. 12, Third Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009), ABX4 2 (Ch. 2, Fourth Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009), and SB 70 (Ch. 7, Statutes of 2011), Education Code 42605 grants districts flexibility in "Tier 3" categorical programs. The Atascadero USD has accepted this flexibility and thus is deemed in compliance with the statutory or regulatory program and funding requirements for these programs for the 2008-09 through 2014-15 fiscal years. As a result, the district may temporarily suspend certain provisions of the following policy or regulation that reflect these requirements. For further information, please contact the Superintendent or designee.

The Board of Trustees recognizes that personal, social, health and economic conditions of children and families sometimes place students at greater risk of school failure. The Board believes, however, that each student can succeed in meeting District academic standards with an appropriate educational program and support services.

(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)

(cf. 6146.1 - High School Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency)

(cf. 6146.5 - Elementary School Promotion/Standards of Proficiency)

The Superintendent or designee shall develop strategies to address the needs of District students at risk. District assessments and ongoing classroom evaluations shall be used to identify students performing below grade level or at risk of failing to meet District standards. The primary emphasis shall be on prevention and early intervention. The Superintendent or designee also shall ensure that school staff is prepared to implement intervention strategies as needed or to make appropriate referrals.

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4231 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4331 - Staff Development)

(cf. 5131.6 - Alcohol and Other Drugs)

(cf. 5136 - Gangs)

(cf. 5141.23 - Infectious Disease Prevention)

(cf. 5141.3 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 5141.31 - Immunizations)

(cf. 5141.32 - Child Health and Disability Prevention Program)

(cf. 5141.4 - Child Abuse Reporting Procedures)

(cf. 5141.41 - Child Abuse Prevention)

(cf. 5141.52 - Suicide Prevention)

(cf. 5146 - Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students)

(cf. 5147 - Dropout Prevention)

(cf. 6162.5 - Student Assessment)

(cf. 6164.4 - Identification of Individuals for Special Education)

(cf. 6164.5 - Student Study Teams)

(cf. 6164.6 - Identification and Education under Section 504)

Legal Reference:


8800-8807 Healthy Start support services for children

8900-8902 Pregnant minors program

11500-11506 Programs to encourage parent involvement

35160 Authority of Board of Trustees

35183 Gang-related apparel

41505-41508 Pupil Retention Block Grant

44049 Report of alcohol or controlled substance abuse

48260-48273 Truancy

48400-48454 Continuation education

48630-48645 Opportunity schools

48660-48666 Community day schools

49400-49409 Student health

49450-49457 Physical examinations of students

49600-49604 Educational counseling, including:

49602 Confidentiality of student information

49604 Suicide prevention training for school counselors

51266-51266.5 Gang and substance abuse prevention curriculum

51268 Collaboration re drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention

51745-51745.3 Independent study programs

52000-52049 School improvement programs

52200-52212 Gifted and Talented Pupil Program

52800-52904 School-Based Program Coordination Act

54400-54425 Programs for disadvantaged children

54440-54445 Migrant children

54685-54686.2 Early Intervention for School Success Program

56000-56001 Special education programs

56302 Identification and assessment of needs for individuals with disabilities


11802 Joint school-community alcohol abuse primary education and prevention program

120325-120380 Immunizations

121475-121520 Tuberculosis tests for students

124025-124110 Child health and disability prevention program


11164-11174.3 Child abuse and neglect reporting


4343-4360 Primary intervention programs - mental health

4370-4390 School-based early mental health intervention and prevention

18975-18979 Child abuse prevention training

18986.40-18986.46 Interagency children's services programs


11900-11935 Healthy Start program


6301-6578 Title 1 programs


adopted: October 5, 1999 Atascadero, California