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Extracurricular And Cocurricular Activities   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that extracurricular and cocurricular activities enrich the educational and social development and experiences of students. The District shall encourage and support student participation in extra/cocurricular activities without compromising the integrity and purpose of the educational program.

No student shall be prohibited from participating in extra/cocurricular activities related to the educational program because of inability to pay fees associated with the activity.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that disabled students have access, to the extent possible, to extracurricular and cocurricular activities, student organizations and school-related social events, regardless of the severity or nature of their disabilities.

(cf. 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities)

Extra/cocurricular activities shall be supervised by District employees whenever they are conducted under the name of the District.

(cf. 4127/4227/4327 - Temporary Athletic Team Coaches)

Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate in extra/cocurricular activities, students in grades 7 through 12 must demonstrate satisfactory educational progress in meeting the requirements for graduation.

(cf. 6146.1 - High School Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency)

The Superintendent or designee may exempt from eligibility requirements extra/cocurricular activities or programs which are offered primarily for the student's academic or educational achievement.

To encourage and support academic excellence, the Board requires students in grades 7 through 12 to earn a minimum 2.0 or "C" grade point average on a 4.0 scale in order to participate in extra/cocurricular activities.

Students with any "F" grades must also maintain minimum progress towards graduation in order to meet eligibility requirements.

The Superintendent or designee may grant ineligible students a probation period of not more than one semester.

The Board desires to balance the academic needs of students with the benefits they receive from participating in school activities. In implementing this policy, the Superintendent or designee shall help ineligible students regain eligibility.

(cf. 6164.5 - Student Study Teams)

The Superintendent or designee may revoke a student's eligibility for participation in extra/cocurricular activities when a student's poor citizenship is serious enough to warrant loss of this privilege.

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

The Board shall annually review this policy and implementing regulations.

(cf. 6145.2 - Athletic Competition)

(cf. 6164.4 - Identification of Individuals for Special Education)

Legal Reference:


35160.5 District policy rules and regulations; requirements; matters subject to regulation

35179 Interscholastic athletics; associations or consortia

48930-48938 Student organizations


350 Fees not permitted

5531 Supervision of extracurricular activities of pupils


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Management Resources:


001.90 Access to School-Related Activities and Events by Disabled Students, LO: 3-0

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adopted: March 7, 2000 Atascadero, California