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Civility Policy   

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Members of Beaumont Unified School District staff shall treat parents and other members of the public with respect and expect the same in return. The District is committed to maintaining orderly educational and administrative processes by keeping schools and administrative offices free from disruptions and preventing unauthorized persons from entering school/District grounds.

This policy promotes mutual respect, civility and orderly conduct among District employees, parents and the public. This policy is not intended to deprive any person of his/her right to freedom of expression, but only to maintain, to the extent possible and reasonable, a safe, harassment-free workplace for our students and staff. In the interest of presenting District employees as positive role models to the children of this District, as well as the community, the Beaumont Unified School District encourages positive communication and discourages volatile, hostile or aggressive actions. The District seeks public cooperation with this endeavor.


1. Any individual who disrupts or threatens to disrupt District/School office/ classroom operations; threatens the health and safety of students or staff, willfully causes property damage; uses loud and/or offensive language which could provoke a violent reaction; or who has otherwise established a continued pattern of unauthorized entry on school District property, shall be directed to leave school or school District property promptly by the Superintendent or designee.

2. If any member of the public uses obscenities or speaks in a demanding, loud, insulting and/or demeaning manner, the administrator or employee to whom the remarks are directed shall calmly and politely admonish the speaker to communicate civilly. If the abusing party does not take corrective action, the District employee shall verbally notify the abusing party that the meeting, conference or telephone conversation is terminated and, if the meeting or conference is on District premises, the offending person shall be directed to leave promptly.

3. When an individual is directed to leave under such Paragraph 1 or 2 circumstances, the Superintendent or designee shall inform the person that he/she will be guilty of a misdemeanor in accordance with California Education Code 44811 and Penal Codes 415.5 and 626.7, if he/she reenters any District facility within 30 days after being directed to leave, or within seven days if the person is a parent/guardian of a student attending that school. If an individual refuses to leave upon request or returns before the applicable period of time, the Superintendent or designee may notify law enforcement officials. An Incident Report shall be completed for the situations as set forth in paragraphs 1 and 2.

Safety and Security

1. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that a safety and/or crisis intervention techniques program is provided in order to raise awareness on how to deal with these situations if and when they occur.

2. When violence is directed against an employee, or theft against property, employees shall promptly report the occurrence to their principal or supervisor and complete an Incident Report. Employees and supervisors shall complete an Incident Report and report to law enforcement, any attack, assault or threat made against them on School/District premises or at School/District sponsored activities.

3. An employee, whose person or property is injured or damaged by willful misconduct of a student, may ask the District to pursue legal action against the student or the student's parent/guardian.


When it is determined by staff that a member of the public is in the process of violating the provisions of this policy, an effort shall be made by staff to provide a written copy of this policy, including applicable code provisions, at the time of occurrence. The employee shall immediately notify his/her supervisor and provide a written report of the incident.


adopted: April 25, 2017 Beaumont, California