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Legal Resources | United States Code, Title 20 |    7273c  

Part D - Fund For The Improvement Of Education Subpart 16 - Parental Assistance And Local Family Information Centers. Uses of funds.   

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(a) In general

Grant funds received under this subpart shall be used for one or more of the following:

(1) To assist parents in participating effectively in their children's education and to help their children meet State and local standards, such as assisting parents -

(A) to engage in activities that will improve student academic achievement, including understanding the accountability systems in place within their State educational agency and local educational agency and understanding their children's educational academic achievement in comparison to State and local standards;

(B) to provide follow-up support for their children's educational achievement;

(C) to communicate effectively with teachers, principals, counselors, administrators, and other school personnel;

(D) to become active participants in the development, implementation, and review of school-parent compacts, parent involvement policies, and school planning and improvement;

(E) to participate in the design and provision of assistance to students who are not making adequate academic progress;

(F) to participate in State and local decisionmaking; and

(G) to train other parents (such as training related to Parents as Teachers activities).

(2) To obtain information about the range of options, programs, services, and resources available at the national, State, and local levels to assist parents and school personnel who work with parents.

(3) To help the parents learn and use the technology applied in their children's education.

(4) To plan, implement, and fund activities for parents that coordinate the education of their children with other Federal, State, and local services and programs that serve their children or their families.

(5) To provide support for State or local educational personnel, if the participation of such personnel will further the activities assisted under the grant.

(6) To coordinate and integrate early childhood programs with school-age programs.

(b) Permissive activities

Grant funds received under this subpart may be used to assist schools with activities including one or more of the following:

(1) Developing and implementing the schools' plans or activities under sections 6318 and 6319 of this title.

(2) Developing and implementing school improvement plans, including addressing problems that develop in the implementation of the schools' plans or activities under sections 6318 and 6319 of this title.

(3) Providing information about assessment and individual results to parents in a manner and a language the family can understand.

(4) Coordinating the efforts of Federal, State, and local parent education and family involvement initiatives.

(5) Providing training, information, and support to -

(A) State educational agencies;

(B) local educational agencies and schools, especially low-performing local educational agencies and schools; and

(C) organizations that support family-school partnerships.

(Pub. L. 89-10, title V, Sec. 5564, as added Pub. L. 107-110, title V, Sec. 501, Jan. 8, 2002, 115 Stat. 1858.)