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Legal Resources | United States Code, Title 20 |    1404  

Acquisition Of Equipment; Construction Or Alteration Of Facilities   

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(a) In General.--If the Secretary determines that a program authorized under this title will be improved by permitting program funds to be used to acquire appropriate equipment, or to construct new facilities or alter existing facilities, the Secretary is authorized to allow the use of those funds for those purposes.

(b) Compliance With Certain Regulations.--Any construction of new facilities or alteration of existing facilities under subsection (a) shall comply with the requirements of--

(1) appendix A of part 36 of title 28, Code of Federal Regulations (commonly known as the "Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities"); or (2) appendix A of subpart 101-19.6 of title 41, Code of Federal Regulations (commonly known as the "Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards").

(Amended by P.L. 108-446, Sec. 605.)