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Departmental revolving fund   

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The State Agency for Donated Food Distribution may, without at the time furnishing vouchers or itemized statements, draw from the Donated Food Revolving Fund for use as a departmental revolving fund:

(a) A sum of not to exceed thirty thousand dollars ($30,000), or

(b) With the approval of the Department of Finance a sum in excess of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000).

Any moneys so withdrawn may only be used, in accordance with law and the Board of Control rules, for payment of compensation earned, traveling expense, traveling expense advances or where immediate payment is otherwise necessary. All disbursements from the revolving fund must be substantiated by vouchers filed with and audited by the Controller. From time to time, disbursements, supported by vouchers, may be reported to the Controller in connection with claims for reimbursement of the departmental revolving fund. At any time upon the demand of the Department of Finance or the Controller, such revolving fund must be accounted for and substantiated by vouchers and itemized statements submitted to and audited by the Controller.

(Amended by Stats. 1984, Ch. 196, Sec. 7.)