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Article 6. Nonresidents   

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The governing board of any school district may, with the approval of the county superintendent of schools, admit to the elementary and high schools of the district pupils living in an adjoining state which is contiguous to the school district. An agreement shall be entered into between the governing board and the governing board or authority of the school district in which the pupils reside providing for the payment by the latter of an amount sufficient to reimburse the district of attendance for the total cost of educating the pupil, including the total of the amounts expended per pupil for the current expenses of education, the use of buildings and equipment, the repayment of local bonds and interest payments and state building loan funds, capital outlay, and transportation to and from school. The amount of the tuition for the current expenses of education per unit of average daily attendance of pupils from the adjoining state shall equal the average current expenditure, exclusive of all transportation expenditures, per unit of average daily attendance in the district of attendance. The per pupil cost attributable to capital outlay shall be on the basis of an average expenditure for the preceding five years. The cost of transportation shall not exceed ten dollars ($10) per month. Tuition payments shall be made during the school year with final payment at the end of the school year after all costs have been determined. If the amount paid is more or less than the total cost of education and transportation, adjustment shall be made for the following semester or school year. The attendance of the pupils shall not be included in computing the average daily attendance of the class or school for the purpose of obtaining apportionment of state funds. In lieu of entering an agreement with the governing board or authority of the school district in which the pupil from the adjoining state resides, the governing board of the school district in this state may enter an agreement with the parent or guardian of the pupil on the same terms as is provided in this section.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)