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Prevention Of Sexual Misconduct And Abuse In Schools   

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Responsibility for protecting students from sexual misconduct and abuse is shared by the Board of Trustees, superintendent, administrators, teachers and other District employees, school volunteers, parents, state agencies, and law enforcement. The District has developed Guidelines for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse in Schools to help our schools deter misconduct, provide accountability, and establish clear and reasonable boundaries for interactions among students and teachers, other district employees, and adult volunteers.

The Board of Trustees is committed to supporting the safety and well-being of district students and desires to facilitate the prevention of and response to student sexual abuse. The Superintendent or designee shall develop and implement strategies for preventing, recognizing, and promptly reporting known or suspected sexual abuse.

The Superintendent or designee may provide a student who is a victim of sexual abuse with school-based mental health services or other support services and/or may refer the student to resources available within the community as needed.

Student Sexual Abuse Prevention

The district's instructional program may include age-appropriate curriculum in sexual abuse and sexual assault awareness and prevention. Upon written request of a student's parent/guardian, the student shall be excused from taking such instruction. (Education Code 51900.6)

The Superintendent or designee shall provide training regarding appropriate employee relationships and boundaries with students that will promote a positive environment while protecting students and employees.

Child Abuse Reporting

District employees who are mandated reporters, as defined by law and administrative regulation, are obligated to report all known or suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect, including but not limited to child sexual abuse.

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adopted: October 25, 2016 Burlingame, California