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Purpose Of Funds Raised   

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The district will inform the community about the district's expected needs in the spring prior to the next fiscal year. The district will solicit input from site-specific organizations, Burlingame Community Education Foundation (BCE), and administrators in making its annual plans. The Board of Trustees and Superintendent will meet with the BCE President and Executive Board twice a year to discuss needs and goals for the next fiscal year. BCE funds will be used, at the district's discretion, for programs available throughout the district.

In the interest of equity among the schools, no funds raised by any organization in the district may be used for programs unique to a school site, which modify district curriculum and/or require new classroom personnel.

Fundraising Guidelines and Approval

The Board of Trustees recognizes the Burlingame School District, Burlingame Community for Education Foundation (BCE) and school PTAs wish to offer the best possible educational experience to all Burlingame students. The fundraising guidelines listed below were written with this statement in mind. The guidelines outline the collaborative effort and necessary steps needed to maximize fundraising effectiveness.


BCE and the PTA will work with the district to coordinate calendars for fundraising efforts. Each school may have one community-wide event per school year. Schools will not schedule community events within 2 months prior and 1 month after the BCE Fundraising Gala and Annual Auction. Exceptions can be approved by the Superintendent. The Superintendent will discuss with BCE President and PTA Council President prior to making a decision.

The district will maintain a calendar of community events for all schools and BCE. By May 15th, sites will submit their proposed dates for the district calendar of community events to the district.


* BCE Auction

o BCE's Fundraising Gala and Annual Auction is the primary fundraising event for the Burlingame School District. Community-wide volunteerism, business donations, personal donations, and participation are needed and encouraged to ensure its success.

* School Auctions

o School sites may sponsor one home-grown auction as part of their annual community event. Auction items will reflect community-building goals. PTA presidents and other parent leaders should consider whether an auction item has district-wide appeal and should re-direct the item to BCE's VP of Events.

* Examples of home-grown/community-building auction items:

* Student art or class projects

* Teacher/staff experiences and activities (e.g. pizza night with teacher)

* Student experiences/pay-to-play parties

* School site adult buy-in events/pay-to-play parties

* Examples of what cannot be included:

* Items with a retail or market value outside of the school community

* Items received or solicited from businesses

* Vacation experiences

Businesses or families who wish to donate these items to individual schools will be re-directed to BCE's VP of Events so their generosity may benefit the entire district.

Profit Share Fundraising Events

PTAs and local businesses may sponsor family-oriented, community-building profit share events to benefit PTA (e.g. pizza or ice-cream nights). Other retail profit share events should benefit BCE Foundation, although PTA or other clubs may sponsor them.

Other Fundraising Events

PTAs may sponsor additional fundraising events approved by their Principal (gift wrap, book sales, walk-a-thons, eScrip, gift cards). Principals should consider the BCE calendar and donor/volunteer bandwidth when authorizing fundraisers by PTA, Dads Club or other parent groups. Any other school site fundraising, whether funds raised benefit the school or a third party organization, must be approved by the Principal and follow this policy.

PTA Event Sponsorship

PTAs may solicit cash sponsorships for their events only from families and businesses with students currently enrolled at the school.

Long-term Projects and PTA Budget Goals

School communities should plan for the following school year in late spring and early fall. Information for fundraising goals should be gathered from principals, teachers and parents. Volunteers should compile a list of site-specific needs and ideas for long-term projects that will be submitted to BSD's Chief Business Officer (CBO) for approval. Once these projects are approved PTAs may finalize their budgets. PTA budgets are due October 15th.

Principals and PTA Presidents will monitor progress towards the approved goals. Funds raised in excess of approved budget goals may be donated directly to the District or BCE to help maintain district wide programs.

Violation of Fundraising Policy

The Superintendent will hold Principals accountable for following the BSD Fundraising guidelines. PTA Presidents and the PTA VP Fundraising for each school need to understand and uphold the guidelines to support the Principal in communicating the fundraising policies to PTAs, Dads Clubs, and other parent organizations. Annual training and review of BSD Fundraising Policy will take place twice a year with the Superintendent, Principals, inbound PTA leaders, PTA VP of Fundraising and inbound BCE Foundation leaders to ensure common understanding. Each attendee will be asked to sign a statement that they reviewed the policy and will uphold the fundraising guidelines.


approved: January 10, 2012 Burlingame, California

revised: June 10, 2014

revised: October 9, 2018