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Sale Or Lease Of District-Owned Real Property   

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The Board of Trustees believes that the district should utilize its facilities and resources in the most economical and practical manner. To that end, the Superintendent or designee shall periodically study the current and projected use of all district facilities in order to ensure the efficient utilization of space and the effective delivery of instruction in order to maximize student learning.

(cf. 1330 - Use of School Facilities)

(cf. 7110 - Facilities Master Plan)

(cf. 7111 - Evaluating Existing Buildings)

(cf. 7160 - Charter School Facilities)

Upon determination that district property is no longer needed or may not be needed until some future time, the Board shall offer to sell or lease district-owned real property in accordance with priorities and procedures specified in law, including, but not limited to, Education Code 17230, 17464, 17485-17500, and Government Code 54222.

(cf. 5148 - Child Care and Development)

(cf. 5148.2 - Before/After School Programs)

(cf. 5148.3 - Preschool/Early Childhood Education)

When required by law, the Board shall appoint a district advisory committee to advise the Board in the development of policies and procedures governing the use or disposition of schools or school building space which is not needed for school purposes. (Education Code 17388)

(cf. 1220 - Citizen Advisory Committees)

Before ordering the sale or lease of any real property, the Board shall adopt a resolution by a two-thirds vote of all of its members at a regular, open meeting. The resolution shall describe the property proposed to be sold or leased in such a manner as to identify it, specify the minimum price or rent, describe the terms upon which it will be sold or leased, and specify the commission or rate, if any, which the Board will pay to a licensed real estate broker out of the minimum price or rent. The resolution shall fix a time, not less than three weeks thereafter, for a public meeting, held at the Board's regular meeting place, at which sealed proposals to purchase or lease will be received and considered. (Education Code 17466)

(cf. 9323.2 - Actions by the Board)

The Superintendent or designee shall provide notice of the adoption of the resolution and of the time and place of the meeting by posting copies of the resolution, signed by the Board, in three public places not less than 15 days before the date of the meeting. In addition, the notice shall be published at least once a week for three successive weeks before the meeting, in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county in which the district is located, if such a paper exists. (Education Code 17469)

The Superintendent or designee shall take reasonable steps to provide notification to the former owners of the property of the district's intent to sell it in accordance with Education Code 17470.

At the public meeting specified in the resolution, the Board shall open, examine, and declare all sealed bids. Before accepting any written proposal, the Board shall call for oral bids in accordance with law. The Board may reject any and all bids, either written or oral, and withdraw the properties from sale when the Board determines that rejection is in the best public interest. (Education Code 17472, 17473)

Of the proposals submitted by responsible bidders which conform to all terms and conditions specified in the resolution of intention to sell or lease, the Board shall finally accept the highest bid after deducting the commission, if any, to be paid to a licensed real estate broker, unless the Board accepts a higher oral bid or rejects all bids. (Education Code 17472)

The final acceptance of the bid may be made either at the same meeting specified in the resolution or at any adjourned/continued meeting held within 10 days. Upon acceptance of the bid, the Board may adopt a resolution of acceptance that directs the Board president, or any other Board member, to execute the deed or lease and to deliver the document upon performance and compliance by the successful bidder of all of the terms and conditions of the contract. (Education Code 17472-17478)

(cf. 1431 - Waivers)

(cf. 9320 - Meetings and Notices)

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that proceeds from the sale, or lease with an option to purchase, of district surplus property are used in accordance with law. (Education Code 17462; 2 CCR 1700)

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adopted: September 21, 2010 Burlingame, California