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Personal Equipment Use In The Classroom   

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The purpose of this regulation is to clarify the use of employee-owned technology equipment in the classroom for instructional purposes, the expected level of support provided by the district IT staff, and the responsibility of the district for the employee-owned devices.


All devices, such as a desktop computer, laptop computer, iPad, iPod, or similar device requiring internet connection that are employee-owned and are to be used in the classroom for instructional purposes will be supported by district IT staff in the following manner:

1. IT staff will work to ensure connectivity of the device to the district's internet provider, with the understanding that some devices are not compatible with the district's systems;

2. IT staff will not be responsible for the purchase/installation/maintenance/upgrade of software programs or applications, or troubleshooting problems other than Item 1 above; and,

3. IT staff/district will not be responsible for any damage/loss of software or application or theft of the device.


By signing below, I agree to follow and all rules and restrictions set forth by Burlingame School District for the use of the indicated device(s) and applications.

I, ___________________________________, agree to the terms and conditions of the Burlingame School District Policy and Regulation regarding use of my personal equipment in the classroom for instructional purposes.

Personal Equipment Used


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Please return completed form to the IT Tech II at the District Office.


approved: January 10, 2012 Burlingame, California