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Carlsbad USD |  E  0000  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans


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Carlsbad Unified School District will be the District of choice due to the combination of strong academic learning and unique, creative programs that cultivate the talents of our learners. In providing these services to students and families the ultimate aim is to serve a democratic society through developing an educated public community. Students, parents/guardians, families, and staff will grow increasingly interdependent and effective as they develop their individual capacities for excellence. Consequently, we will earn the reputation of being a "world class" school District.

1. Students

The primary focus of the District neighborhood schools will be to serve every K-12 student by providing a supportive, engaging, and challenging education. The District will use standards-based instruction and materials to promote high levels of student learning in academic areas and essential life skills. Integrated academic programs will include the arts, technology, and vocational skills. Remediation for at-risk students and extensions for advanced learners will be provided. Students will develop cultural competence via self-awareness, expansion of cultural knowledge, and attention to the dynamics of cultural differences.* All students, including those with special needs, will have opportunities to thrive in appropriate programs. Students at all District schools will have experiences that promote confidence and a passion for learning.

2. Families

The District will partner with parents/guardians and families to promote student success. Interagency partnerships will be developed for the mutual benefit of students, families, and schools. The District will counsel, coach, and refer parents/guardians and families in need of social and/or psychological support. The District will work with families to assist their children in benefiting from homework.

3. School Readiness

The District will promote the importance of kindergarten readiness and will use interagency partnerships to offer expanded educational opportunities for students and families in need of additional assistance. Incoming families and students at any age will benefit from strong "welcome" programs to assist with the transitions.

4. Staff

The District will attract and retain the most talented and capable staff. Staff members will ensure that there is alignment within the organization in terms of curricula and operational endeavors. The staff, in partnership with the students, parents/guardians, and families, will be dedicated to the perpetual pursuit of developing capacity. Connectedness will be achieved through strong relationships between students and adults.

5. Operations

The District will have modern facilities with current technology to promote student achievement and operational efficiency. The modern facilities will serve as educational hubs in which learning is not defined by walls and buildings. The technology will assist in providing timely and efficient communications within the school and through the community.

* Students will be aware of their own culture and they will develop skills to interact in diverse environments


version: July 26, 2006 Carlsbad, California