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Article 2. Pupils Exempt   

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There are exempted from compulsory attendance in continuing education classes as otherwise required by Sections 48400 and 48402, persons who:

(a) Have been graduated from a high school maintaining a four-year course above the eighth grade of the elementary schools, or who have had an equal amount of education in a private school or from a private tutor.

(b) Are in attendance upon a public or private full-time day school, or satisfactory part-time classes maintained by other agencies.

(c) Are disqualified for attendance in these classes because of their physical or mental condition, or because of personal services that must be rendered to their dependents.

(d) Are satisfactorily attending a regional occupational program or center as provided in Section 48432.

(e) Have successfully demonstrated proficiency equal to or greater than standards established by the State Department of Education pursuant to Section 48412, and have verified approval submitted by their parent or guardian.

(f) Are subject to Section 48400 but not Section 48402 and are in attendance upon classes for adults for not less than four clock hours per calendar week.

(g) Are exempt from compulsory school attendance under Section 48231.

(Amended by Stats. 1993, Ch. 1296, Sec. 10.)