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Pregnant or parenting students   

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Notwithstanding Section 52610, any minor, regardless of age, who is pregnant or is a parent actively engaged in raising one or more of his or her children, is eligible to enroll in any adult education course or class described in subdivision (a) of Section 41976 or in Section 52616.2. The attendance of that pupil in that course or class shall be counted for adult education apportionment purposes, except that no district shall be entitled to claim average daily attendance for apportionment purposes in excess of the amount authorized by subdivision (b) of Section 52616. In addition, no district may count the attendance of any pupil toward the computation of both adult average daily attendance, as computed pursuant to Section 41601, and regular average daily attendance, as computed pursuant to Section 46300.

(Amended by Stats. 1991, Ch. 756, Sec. 29.)