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Part 245--Determining Eligibility For Free And Reduced Price Meals And Free Milk In Schools. General purpose and scope.   

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(a) This part established the responsibilities of State agencies, Food and Consumer Service Regional Offices (where applicable), and School Food Authorities in providing free and reduced price meals and free milk in the National School Lunch Program (7 CFR part 210), the School Breakfast Program (7 CFR part 220), the Special Milk Program for Children (7 CFR part 215), and commodity schools. Section 9 of the National School Lunch Act, as amended, and sections 3 and 4 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, as amended, require schools participating in any of the programs and commodity schools to make available, as applicable, free and reduced price lunches, breakfasts, and at the option of the School Food Authority for schools participating only in the Special Milk Program free milk to eligible children.

(b) This part sets forth the responsibilities under these Acts of State agencies, the Food and Consumer Service Regional Offices, and School Food Authorities with respect to the establishment of income guidelines, determination of eligibility of children for free and reduced price meals, and for free milk and assurance that there is no physical segregation of, or other discrimination against, or overt identification of children unable to pay the full price for meals or milk.

(Sec. 803, Pub. L. 97-35, 95 Stat. 521-535 (42 U.S.C. 1758)) [Amdt. 6, 39 FR 30337, Aug. 22, 1974, as amended by Amdt. 10, 41 FR 28783, July 13, 1976; 47 FR 31852, July 23, 1982]