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How does the Secretary enforce decisions?   

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(a) If an educational agency or institution does not comply during the period of time set under Section 99.66(c), the Secretary may take any legally available enforcement action in accordance with the Act, including, but not limited to, the following enforcement actions available in accordance with part E of the General Education Provisions Act?

(1) Withhold further payments under any applicable program;

(2) Issue a compliant to compel compliance through a cease-and-desist order; or

(3) Terminate eligibility to receive funding under any applicable program.

(b) If, after an investigation under Section 99.66, the Secretary finds that an educational agency or institution has complied voluntarily with the Act or this part, the Secretary provides the complainant and the agency or institution written notice of the decision and the basis for the decision.

[73 FR 74855, Dec. 9, 2008]