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Article 2. Credential Types, Authorizations, And Requirements Information to Applicants.   

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The local education agency shall inform each applicant for an emergency permit specified in Section 80023 of all of the following:

(a) that the employing agency will provide the orientation, guidance and assistance required by Section 80026.5.

(b) the name, or if providing the name is not feasible, the position, of the individual responsible for providing the guidance and assistance required by Section 80026.5:

(c) that, in order to reissue an emergency permit, the applicant must complete a minimum of six semester units, or nine quarter units, of approved course work for the related credential, unless exceptions for reissuance are listed under the specific requirement for the type of emergency permit for which application is being made.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(q)


Education Code 44225(d)

Education Code 44225(g)

Education Code 44300

(Amended By Register 2009, No. 20.)